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Steve Ryan with a fish from Green Bay, which gives up a fair share of giant fish to big lures.

Big Muskie Baits: Wretched Excess Or Enlightened Response?

by Steve Ryan 0

Wrapping up a decade of excess, the Dow Jones rocketed to more than 14,000, only to free fall to levels… more »


Smallmouth Stickbaits

by Lonnie King 0

Lake Erie is one of the premier smallmouth bass fisheries of North America. Beginning shortly after ice-out, massive schools move… more »


Lures Off The Radar: Danny Baits

by Jeff Simpson 0

By: In-Fisherman Veteran muskie angler Danny Gibbons has been guiding anglers to muskies on Lake of the Woods since the… more »


Key Factors For Bass

by Steve Quinn 1

Ever have a bass engulf a lure the second it touches the surface? It’s a remarkable scene, and I’ve had… more »


Drop Shot Retrieves for Smallmouth Bass

by Matt Straw 1

Drop and wobble. Sits there. Boing, boing, boing. Whoopee. Anchor up. Could be a while. Drop-shot rigs. Not really boring… more »


9 Great Fake Frogs For Bass

by Steve Quinn 0

Avid bass anglers know fishing fake frogs is one of the hottest techniques today for catching big bass. They’re fun… more »


Early Spring Crappie Tactics

by Matt Straw 0

If you planned on following the spring crappie bite from Florida to the far frontier in southern Canada this spring,… more »


Allure for Pike

by Doug Stange 0

It was a warm spring morning on one of the finest drive-to destinations in North America. Knowing that big were… more »


How To Fish For Pike

by Doug Stange 4

Among the most-traveled pike anglers in the history of North America is Jack Penny, Newton, Iowa, who has been at… more »


Swimming Lures For Walleye Fishing

by Doug Stange 0

I’ve been fishing for walleyes on the edge of what’s been happening in the sport since the early 1970s. Many… more »


Walleye Ice Fishing Lure Options

by Dan Johnson 0

You can walk into any well stocked tackle shop to find a fine array of lures fit for beefing up… more »


Alabama Rig For Smallmouth Bass

by Steve Quinn 1

When the Alabama Rig broke onto the scene in October 2012, angler reactions included shock and awe, while manufacturers saw… more »


Ice Fishing Trout

by Matt Straw 0

Trout are cold-water fish, requiring cooler, more highly oxygenated water than warm-water species like bass. That’s why, in summer, stocked… more »


Ice Fishing Walleye Lures

by Jeff Simpson 0

Today’s best ice anglers focus primarily on jigging, because it’s the most efficient way to fish and the most consistent… more »


Ice Fishing Perch With Dave Genz

by Matt Straw 0

  In a crowded cocktail party, a familiar man pulls you aside and says, “Big perch are making a comeback.”… more »


Shallow Water Pike Fishing Through The Ice

by Jason Mitchell 0

The awakening occurred about a dozen years ago. My guided crew on Devils Lake, North Dakota, wanted to wrestle with… more »


How To Hot-Wire A Salmon

by Matt Straw 3

In recent years, we’ve watched king salmon range deeper and deeper in the water column. Spooky fish commonly descend 80,… more »


Fishing Ice Perch

by Doug Stange 0

I approach ice fishing perch through the ice the opposite of shopping for groceries. I never shop for groceries on… more »


Oversized Options For Giant Bass

by James O. Fraioli 0

Largemouth bass inhale 8-inch trout and slurp melon-size balls of shad with ease, and many top anglers believe offering the… more »


Dip Fishing Crappie

by Steve Quinn 0

Crappies love cover, most of the time. Sure, I’ve found them bunched in open water in both summer and winter…. more »

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