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Top Ice Fishing Panfish Spots

by In-Fisherman 2

What value can be placed on a 1-pound bluegill or a 2-pound crappie? Not in dollars and cents, but in… more »


Bluegill Fishing: Thread the Needle for the Long Bomb

by Cory Schmidt 1

  Growing up in the nylon era meant training myself to fish jigs with monofilament line. I learned to watch… more »

Spinner jigs are versatile and attract huge panfish in a variety of situations.

Spinners for Panfish

by admin 1

  Variations of this lure have been crafted by so many tackle manufacturers and graced the tackle boxes of so… more »


Ice Fishing Perch With Dave Genz

by Matt Straw 0

  In a crowded cocktail party, a familiar man pulls you aside and says, “Big perch are making a comeback.”… more »


Panfish Micro Jigs

by Mark Strand 0

Why sit over panfish that won’t cooperate? With today’s sophisticated search tools—lake maps, depthfinders, underwater cameras, snowmobiles, augers—a case can… more »


Hair Jigs for Panfish

by Cory Schmidt 1

In the off season “Ice Man” Barry Williams builds roads, so it’s not surprising that he encounters road kill—fuzzy expired… more »


Drilling Lots of Holes For Panfish

by In-Fisherman 0

Drill more holes,” comes the Dave Genz battle cry. Tattered banners whipping in a blizzard, the Genzer signals us forth…. more »


Genz: Jigging Moves For Panfish

by Mark Strand 0

After you get past the usual list of things you cannot do out on the ice, like say longline trolling,… more »


“Old School” Perch

by Joe Balog 2

In today’s age of new-wave ice fishing tactics, sometimes going old school is the best way to fill a bucket…. more »


Bluegills North and South

by Noel Vick 0

The Mason Dixon Line wasn’t so clearcut. Yes, by and large, the Civil War’s line in the sand was drawn… more »


Mighty Mini Panfish Crank Baits

by Matt Straw 4

    Fine balance is required to prevent things light as a feather from succumbing to water pressure. The weight… more »


Red Hooks And Tackle

by Matt Straw 2

  The red tackle revolution has lost steam. But it left lingering effects and pockets of supporters. Seems red hooks,… more »


Where The Crappies Are

by Dr. Rob Neumann 4

  Telemetry studies can track daily movements and seasonal migrations of fish, with the use of surgically implanted or externally… more »


Spider Rigging For Crappie

by John Neporadny Jr 41

  Spider rigging for crappie looks simple enough—a bunch of fishing rods weaving a web of lines from bow to stern…. more »


Pumpkinseeds If You Please

by Dr. Daniel Isermann 0

Pumpkinseeds are one of many members of the sunfish family (Centrarchidae) that are frequently encountered by anglers over a broad… more »


Rock On, Rock Bass

by Gord Pyzer 10

  Although rock bass don’t rank high on the most-wanted lists of today’s anglers, they’re a fascinating group of fish… more »

Illustration larry tople

Regulating Panfish Harvest

by Dr. Daniel Isermann 3

  Across most of the country, harvest regulations for panfish have become increasingly conservative and complex. Daily bag limits remain… more »


Phat Spring Perch

by Steve Ryan 0

  Perch hold a special place in the hearts and bellies of anglers. They bring back fishing memories from our… more »

Photo Paul Veschi

Slipfloating Suckers & ‘Horses

by Jeremy Dewey 6

  Seldom do you hear an angler singing the praises of suckers or redhorse. In-Fisherman editors and other in-the-know anglers,… more »


More Magnificent Morones

by Dr. Daniel Isermann 0

  While many anglers pursue striped bass, white bass, and their hybrids, smaller members of the genus Morones – temperate… more »

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