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Perch Baits

Primal Perch Baits

by Joe Balog 0

Great Perch Baits   I fish for yellow perch on portions of the Great Lakes. About 80 days a year,… more »


Where To Catch Perch

by Jeff Simpson 0

  Jumbo perch draw a crowd. Anglers across the ice belt travel hundreds of miles to get in on the… more »


“Old School” Perch

by Joe Balog 2

In today’s age of new-wave ice fishing tactics, sometimes going old school is the best way to fill a bucket…. more »


UV and Perch Spawning

by In-Fisherman 0

Yellow perch typically spawn when temperatures at spawning depth range from 45°F to 50°F, as females produce an accordion-like gelatinous… more »


Ice Fishing Perch With Dave Genz

by Matt Straw 0

  In a crowded cocktail party, a familiar man pulls you aside and says, “Big perch are making a comeback.”… more »


Fishing Ice Perch

by Doug Stange 0

I approach ice fishing perch through the ice the opposite of shopping for groceries. I never shop for groceries on… more »


How To Catch Perch

by Doug Stange 0

Tiny perch lures require 2-pound line in order to work well. Larger lures work well coupled with 4-pound line. In… more »


Finding Jumbo Perch

by Matt Straw 1

Alchemy was, most famously, all about turning lead to gold. During the Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment, it was… more »


Phat Spring Perch

by Steve Ryan 0

  Perch hold a special place in the hearts and bellies of anglers. They bring back fishing memories from our… more »

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