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Steve Ryan with a fish from Green Bay, which gives up a fair share of giant fish to big lures.

Big Muskie Baits: Wretched Excess Or Enlightened Response?

by Steve Ryan 0

Wrapping up a decade of excess, the Dow Jones rocketed to more than 14,000, only to free fall to levels… more »


Southern Pike

by Dr. Rob Neumann 1

New Proposed Species—Five known species of Esox currently inhabit North America, Europe, and Eurasia. Among these, the northern pike (Esox… more »


Allure for Pike

by Doug Stange 0

It was a warm spring morning on one of the finest drive-to destinations in North America. Knowing that big were… more »


How To Fish For Pike

by Doug Stange 4

Among the most-traveled pike anglers in the history of North America is Jack Penny, Newton, Iowa, who has been at… more »


Where To Find Northern Pike

by In-Fisherman 4

Northern pike love cold water and are found naturally just about everywhere water temperatures dip cold enough to freeze. Exceptions… more »


Ice Fishing Pike Spots

by Matt Straw 1

Moonglade glares off the ice. A few feet down, it glitters across sunken, black eyes. Patient as gargoyles, they wait… more »


Shallow Water Pike Fishing Through The Ice

by Jason Mitchell 0

The awakening occurred about a dozen years ago. My guided crew on Devils Lake, North Dakota, wanted to wrestle with… more »


Jigging for Winter Pike

by Doug Stange 0

Jigging is a hands-on active and visual way to use lures to catch one of the most aggressive fish under… more »


Tip Up Ice Fishing Pike

by Matt Straw 0

  Bottom of the fourth, no score. Tip-up on the mound with Petrowske on first. Check that. He’s on his… more »


Pike Jigging Strategies

by Jeff Gustafson 5

I love to fish deadbaits below tip-ups and I have caught my biggest pike jigging and using that approach. But… more »


Pike Fishing: A Gathering of Teeth

by Matt Straw 0

  Vikings called it the “all thing,” or “thing of all.” Some native Americans called it a sun dance, others… more »


Beyond Traditional Pike Spoon Tactics

by Doug Stange 0

Spoons fish well because they offer weight for casting, even into wind and on heavier tackle, and rarely, if ever,… more »

One favorite tactic is to tweak classic spinnerbaits by changing blade size and blade design.

Muskie Fishing Pressure Personified

by Cory Schmidt 0

Pressured Muskies In muskie fishing on busy waters, the fish-to-angler ratio shrinks to the narrowest of margins. We used to… more »

> Pike funneling through cuts and pinchpoints to reach spawning areas often means great action for shore anglers.

Rediscovering Ice-Out Pike

by Cory Schmidt 0

  Somewhere in each of our childhoods lays a singular event, in the case of most hardcore anglers a certain… more »


Trout Happy Pike

by Cory Schmidt 1

In certain trout-happy sections of North America, pike get as much respect as sea lampreys and bighead carp. In parts… more »

The sophisticated and lengthy lateral line of pike and muskie are particularly attuned to fish “fingerprints.” This is Associate Publisher Chuck Nelson with a good one from Reindeer Lake, Saskatchewan, Lawrence Bay Lodge.

Pike and Muskie Footprints and Fingerprints

by Doug Stange 0

One concept we have long used to get anglers to consider what they’re doing when they’re fishing a lure or… more »


The Rising Tide In Muskie Fishing

by Dan Johnson 0

Muskie Fishing Most of us observe fishing history through the eyes of those who’ve recorded notable events for posterity, trusting… more »

Photo  Eric Enbretson

Frigid Cold Water Muskies

by Dan Johnson 3

Cold Water Muskies To most of us, in most situations muskies are fish best pursued with heavy tackle and big… more »

bill ww photography

One Step Short Of Magic For Pike Baits

by Doug Stange 2

Great Pike Baits When it happens at a distance, and it often does, you can just barely see and feel… more »


Pike Weed Warriors

by Lonnie King 5

Fishing Pike In Weeds Whether it’s submerged weeds like cabbage, floating varieties such as lily pads, or emergent plants like… more »

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