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The Ever Productive Jighead-Softbait Combo for Muskie Jigging

by Doug Stange 0

Jigs For Muskies The main reason for the popularity of jigheads dressed with softbait is that the combination is among… more »


Pike Weather Pattern

by Dr. Rob Neumann 2

  When we’re planning a filming trip for ­In‑Fisherman TV, it’s a good idea to add at least one weather… more »


Ripped Pike, Suspended Baits

by Matt Straw 0

Hard Bait Options For Pike   A cylinder of death glides over emerging grass to the edge of open water…. more »


Precision ON EDGE Pike Lures

by In-Fisherman 1

  The opportunity over many years to travel and fish most of the best pike fisheries in North America allows… more »


The Spin on Spinnerbaits

by Ned Kehde 9

  In the eyes of many observers, spinnerbaits aren’t as lustrous as they used to be. Veteran western writer George… more »

The siren song of a hard-thumping, heavy spoon is hard to pass up for aggressive pike keying on large baitfish.

Pike Spoons By Design

by Dan Johnson 3

  The strike-stirring wobble and flash of spoons has seduced countless otherwise cautious gators over the years, and continues to… more »


Deadsticking Predators

by Jeff Simpson 1

Doubling Your Odds & Action For Walleyes & Pike     No matter how much you like to jig, suspending… more »

Tip-up sets in combination with jigging—what could be more fun and productive to boot?

Pick Your Pocket Ice Fishing Pike

by Doug Stange 2

  Standing there coffee in hand, jig stick in the other, distracted by a distant deer walking across the ice,… more »


Ice Fishing Country, Ice Fishing Passion

by Doug Stange 0

ICE FISHING   Even in an age where dozens of fishing shows play weekly on TV, In-Fisherman’s Ice Fishing Guide… more »

Illustrated by Larry Tople

Too Large For A 10-Inch Hole: Ice Fishing Hole Size

by Doug Stange 1

Ice Fishing   Some of the most memorable fish are those that barely make it through a big hole. Three… more »


Pike Fishing System

by Doug Stange 0

Rigged and ready for exploration and wilderness running on snow machines, we had forged our way into a remote portion… more »


Ice Fishing Pike

by Doug Stange 0

  Pike like to eat. Therefore they spend most of their time on major ­food-gathering areas, which for the most… more »


Ice Fishing Soft Plastic Lures

by In-Fisherman 0

A dying plastic minnow, shining and flickering in the golden light below, draws the attention of ­bottom-hugging perch, drawing them… more »

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