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Flatheads Shallow And Deep

by Brian Ruzzo 2

    Battling trophy river-run flatheads means tackling sheer mass and brute strength. Add current and pulling forces are multiplied. Now your… more »


Spider Rigging and Exploitation

by Dr. Rob Neumann 0

Spider rigging, or vertical trolling with multiple poles in a fanned out fashion, typically off the bow of the boat,… more »


Alabama Rig For Smallmouth Bass

by Steve Quinn 1

When the Alabama Rig broke onto the scene in October 2012, angler reactions included shock and awe, while manufacturers saw… more »


Ice Fishing Pike Spots

by Matt Straw 1

Moonglade glares off the ice. A few feet down, it glitters across sunken, black eyes. Patient as gargoyles, they wait… more »


Winter Blue Catfish

by Dr. Rob Neumann 0

When rivers flow frigid through leafless landscapes, the world goes by slowly for channel cats and flatheads. While flatheads can… more »


The Light Switch Sturgeon

by Doug Stange 0

  The trip with Guide Jason Schultz up the Snake River into the head of Hell’s Canyon in a search… more »


Dropping the Bomb on Blue Catfish

by Cory Schmidt 6

  What for many decades was an imprecise, sometimes random quest for catfish has, for the finest anglers, evolved into… more »

1-alt split-IFM0504_RigNatBaits1

Rigging Situations

by Matt Straw 2

Presenting Natural Baits     Rigging is technically the terminal setup for any kind of fishing. But, when most anglers… more »

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