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Flatheads Shallow And Deep

by Brian Ruzzo 2

    Battling trophy river-run flatheads means tackling sheer mass and brute strength. Add current and pulling forces are multiplied. Now your… more »

Ice Fishing River Walleyes

Ice Fishing River Walleyes

by Dan Johnson 0

Of all the factors that can affect winter walleye location and behavior—and thus dictate where you drill and how you… more »


1 Fishing Trip, 2 State Records

by Steve Quinn 0

From the Field—Frequent In-Fisherman Master Angler Award winner Alex Foster of West Albans, West Virginia, hit it big on an… more »


Winter Blue Catfish

by Dr. Rob Neumann 0

When rivers flow frigid through leafless landscapes, the world goes by slowly for channel cats and flatheads. While flatheads can… more »


The Light Switch Sturgeon

by Doug Stange 0

  The trip with Guide Jason Schultz up the Snake River into the head of Hell’s Canyon in a search… more »


Dropping the Bomb on Blue Catfish

by Cory Schmidt 6

  What for many decades was an imprecise, sometimes random quest for catfish has, for the finest anglers, evolved into… more »

Of the big three catfishes—blue, channel, and flathead—blue catfish, although the least studied, have been considered the most mobile.

Ramblin’ Blue Catfish

by Dr. Hal Schramm 1

    Recreational anglers’ interest in catfish is surging, and fishery biologists are responding with stepped-up assessment and management plans… more »

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