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Smallmouth Stickbaits

by Lonnie King 0

Lake Erie is one of the premier smallmouth bass fisheries of North America. Beginning shortly after ice-out, massive schools move… more »


New Era Of Fishing Electronics

by Cory Schmidt 3

While the underwater terrain of most lakes remains largely unchanged, our means of examining it has evolved dramatically. From a… more »


Drop Shot Retrieves for Smallmouth Bass

by Matt Straw 2

Drop and wobble. Sits there. Boing, boing, boing. Whoopee. Anchor up. Could be a while. Drop-shot rigs. Not really boring… more »


Alabama Rig For Smallmouth Bass

by Steve Quinn 1

When the Alabama Rig broke onto the scene in October 2012, angler reactions included shock and awe, while manufacturers saw… more »

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