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Winter Habitat in Rivers For Fish

by Rob Neumann with Mark Edwards 0

Field Science—Biologists at the Iowa Department of Natural Resources tracked crappies and bluegills in pools along the Iowa portion of… more »


Food Factors For Bluegills

by Dan Johnson 0

Since the dawn of our current Ice Age, hardwater sages have known that factoring forage into fishing plans is key… more »


Winter Sauger Hooking Mortality

by Dr. Rob Neumann 1

Length and creel limits are important tools for regulating harvest of sportfish populations, and implementation of harvest regulations is based… more »


Walleye Ice Fishing Lure Options

by Dan Johnson 0

You can walk into any well stocked tackle shop to find a fine array of lures fit for beefing up… more »


Ice Fishing Walleyes In Reservoirs

by Tom Gruenwald 0

Impoundments. Reservoirs. Flowages. Call them what you want, they’re exciting to fish. “And productive,” according to Dennis Foster, a guide… more »


Ice Fishing Trout

by Matt Straw 0

Trout are cold-water fish, requiring cooler, more highly oxygenated water than warm-water species like bass. That’s why, in summer, stocked… more »


Ice Fishing Pike Spots

by Matt Straw 1

Moonglade glares off the ice. A few feet down, it glitters across sunken, black eyes. Patient as gargoyles, they wait… more »


Hair Jigs for Panfish

by Cory Schmidt 1

In the off season “Ice Man” Barry Williams builds roads, so it’s not surprising that he encounters road kill—fuzzy expired… more »


Shallow Water Pike Fishing Through The Ice

by Jason Mitchell 0

The awakening occurred about a dozen years ago. My guided crew on Devils Lake, North Dakota, wanted to wrestle with… more »


Fishing Ice Perch

by Doug Stange 0

I approach ice fishing perch through the ice the opposite of shopping for groceries. I never shop for groceries on… more »


Whitefish: Ice Fishing

by In-Fisherman 0

How they bitin’?” called the driver of an ATV as he hitched a portable ice shelter to the back of… more »


Ice Fishing Walleyes

by Doug Stange 0

So many lures, so little time. And with so little time, so much worry about choosing the right lure, given… more »


Where To Catch Perch

by Jeff Simpson 0

  Jumbo perch draw a crowd. Anglers across the ice belt travel hundreds of miles to get in on the… more »


Pike Fishing System

by Doug Stange 0

Rigged and ready for exploration and wilderness running on snow machines, we had forged our way into a remote portion… more »


Ice Fishing Pike

by Doug Stange 0

  Pike like to eat. Therefore they spend most of their time on major ­food-gathering areas, which for the most… more »

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