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Trout & Salmon Videos


Ice Fishing Steelhead

by Matt Straw 0

Snow devils whirling across a white expanse that extends to the horizon. Under those twisting tornadoes—and several feet of ice—rainbows… more »

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Midwest Finesse Fishing: November 2014

by Ned Kehde 0

November’s guide to Midwest finesse fishing contains 24 logs that are chock-full of piscatorial observations from Rick Allen of Dallas,… more »


Johnson Fishing’s Crappie Buster Series

by Ned Kehde 0

There are several Midwest finesse anglers and Finesse News Network members, such as Brent Frazee of Parkville, Missouri, who spend… more »


Swing Oil Baits

by Ned Kehde 2

A veteran Midwest finesse angler recently told us that we need to tell finesse anglers across the nation about the… more »


Midwest Finesse: April 2014

by Ned Kehde 4

    The wind frustrated scores of Midwest finesse anglers in April. And The Topeka (Kansas) Capital-Journal noted on its… more »



by Gord Pyzer 1

The Perfect Combination One of the hallmarks of soft-plastic swimbaits is their ability to attract and trigger the biggest fish… more »


Potential World Record Lake Trout Returned To Canada

by In-Fisherman Online Staff 1

  A potential world record lake trout caught from the Ontario side of Lac la Croix by a northern Minnesota… more »


Bass fishing for trout in 2014

by Ned Kehde 1

Across the past several years, we have written intermittently about an odd piscatorial endeavor that northeastern Kansas and northwestern Missouri… more »


The Final Temptation of Ice Fishing for Lake Trout

by Doug Stange with Lance Sokero 0

I have a young friend from west Texas who throughout his years in high school has been dropping me an… more »


Tubes for Great Lakes Trout and Salmon

by Marc Wisniewski 0

In the 38 years I’ve spent casting for Great Lakes trout and salmon, one thing has changed dramatically—water clarity. A… more »


Stocked Ice Trout Once The Ceiling Freezes

by Matt Straw 1

Stream trout—rainbows, browns, and brookies—probably prefer open water over their heads at all times, but many are stocked in ponds,… more »


The Window: Wide Open for Lake Trout Ice Fishing

by Gord Pyzer 0

To simplify this game we love to play, we sometimes generalize and pigeonhole the habits of the fish we chase…. more »


Quest for a 40 Revisited: Lake Trout Fishing

by Matt Straw 0

Placid water stretched across the seventh largest lake in the world, extending into that texture of light that fully saturates… more »

Lipless crankbaits call in and trigger large, aggressive predators.

Quick Tips For Ice Fishing Lake Trout

by Jeff Gustafson 0

  In Northwest Ontario, anglers count down the days in December, not to Christmas, but to the January 1 ice… more »

Big Brown

Giant Brown Trout

by admin 2

Dave Strom Decorah Iowa Caught this giant a couple weeks ago from a trout stream around Decorah Ia. Ended up being… more »


10 Top Fishing Weather Conditions

by Dan Johnson 0

Weather conditions of all types affect fish behavior. From dreaded cold fronts and soaring barometric pressure to a walleye chop,… more »

How To Fish For Trout: A Stream Trout Primer

by Matt Straw 2

Stream trout were the glamour fish of the early-to-mid twentieth century. Wild settings, clear water, solitude, and a “River-Runs-Through-It” kind… more »


Curried Nuggets Trout Recipe

by Matt Straw 0

  Ok, I lied. Before unveiling an awesome new technique for steelhead to the world, I’m going to unveil a… more »


Hook Tips For Lake Trout Trips

by Matt Straw 0

When surface temperatures cool to somewhere in the vicinity of the 60°F mark in fall, lake trout begin staging around… more »


Walking A Tight Llne For Steelhead

by Matt Straw 0

Notice how red the tag alder is? Mornings have been cold, but the afternoon sun is activating plant growth, creating… more »

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