The gray world awaits—a chiaroscuro of gunmetal skies, charcoal water, and dappled submarines. I’ve been fortunate enough to chase lake trout from the Yukon to Labrador and from Colorado to the Arctic Sea, always hunting for another shot at a 50 pounder. Trolling spoons, fly fishing with big synthetic flies, pitching plastics, casting swimbaits—there are as many methods for lake trout as there are tactics for bass, pike, or anything else. The best method is the one catching the most and biggest fish, in my opinion. Every environment distills its own unique methods out of its signature blend of baitfish, structure, water clarity, and latitude. Developing tactics designed to complement the specific and unique character of the water is what it’s all about. The following waters offer the best laker fishing on earth right now, in my opinion. (Could be wrong, but I doubt it.) And right now is the time to call one of the following venues to set up the trip of a lifetime.

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