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Rainbow Trout/Steelhead Trout & Salmon

Steelhead Hair Jigs

by Matt Straw   |  November 28th, 2012 2

Recognize the steelhead hair jigs? Note the snow on the banks. Cold pools. Big rivers. The success of swinging streamers for Great Lakes steelhead led to Gabe Hillebrand’s Swamp Donkey and other hair-jig designs.

Rick Hammer has a prior claim. The Swamp Donkey is Rick’s wooden drift boat, one we’ve used to drift rivers for walleyes, bass, and steelhead. Anchoring a drift boat like the Swamp Donkey and swinging jigs like…the Swamp Donkey? Double entendre. Too much fun.

Imagine swimming a jig for world-class river bass from the Swamp Donkey. Enter, Gabe’s scoby:




  • scorpionic

    That's a beautiful fish in the pic! I'm a big fan of Hillebrand's aptly named "Hill Brand" jigs. They're really well made and durable, easy on the eyes, and most importantly they PRODUCE for me in any conditions. (I'm not sure how they taste though…but you could ask any one of a few hundred Lake St Clair smallies that I've seen chomping on them!)

  • Matt Straw

    Thanks! Glad to know smallies approve.

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