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World famous for tackling every species of freshwater fish, the distinguished In-Fisherman magazine staff lead you on unforgettable journeys to the best fishing spots in North America covering lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and coastal waters.


Giant Fish Filmed in North America

by In-Fisherman Online Staff 1

A Perfect Storm Of Giant Fish › In-Fisherman editors are among a cadre of anglers who have had the good… more »


Attack of the Bass!

by In-Fisherman 0

Beginning this Sunday, April 7, Sportsman Channel is hosting their annual month-long bass fishing programming event, Attack of the Bass!… more »

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Pitching Crank Baits For Walleyes

by Doug Stange 2

In-Fisherman’s thirty-year veteran Doug Stange uses the Rapala Clackin’ Minnow to pitch for walleyes living in flooded timber.


Fly Fishing Carp

by Jeff Simpson 7

Publisher Steve Hoffman and Kevin Morlock sight-fish for carp on the fly.

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Tarpon Jig Fishing

by Jeff Simpson 3

  Capt. Raymond Pugh and Doug Stange ventures to the coastal waters to cast jigs for tarpon.

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In-Fisherman Takes CableFAX Best Series-Education Award

by Steve Hoffman 0

New Berlin, WI – (November 16, 2011) In-Fisherman, notably the longest running and most watched fishing series on television, won… more »

X-Factor Smallmouths

by Jeff Simpson 1

X-Factor Smallmouths

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Smallmouth Spinnerbaits

by Jeff Simpson 2

Editor In Chief Doug Stange spends the day casting spinnerbaits for blade-stopping river smallmouths with Smallmouth Spinnerbaits.   Smallmouth Spinnerbaits

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