Although Jon Bonde originally designed his lures for vertically jigging muskies, anglers across the globe have been having tremendous success with it by adapting it to their own geographical area and local predatory fish species. Jon primarily vertical jigs in deep water with current, but other anglers cast the bait and ‘stair step’ it down breaks and drop offs. It can be used for suspended fish like striped bass on a hot summer day, or it can be jigged for tarpon in places like Boca Grande Pass in Florida.His baits have been effective for giant lake trout in NWT and it was one of the number one baits for lake trout during the last few seasons on Lake Athabasca and other top lake trout lakes. Weighing in at 8 ounces, the Bondy Swim Jig swims like an airplane jig when used in deeper water. bondybaitcompany.comBondy Bait

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