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Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing Carp!

by Jeff Simpson   |  December 20th, 2011 11

Without a doubt, at certain times of the year and situations, carp are a definite option on ice.

  • Bill G


    Great fish, no doubt! I fish for them all the time, although not through ice. Nice to see you promptly released them.

  • Willem

    Great catch. Now they must just learn not to pick them up by the gills :). They are too big for that.

  • big bad boilie

    In fisherman being the progressive/ open minded magazine does it again. Thanks for putting this up

  • Jeff (2carp)

    I think thats awesome… I love to ice fish and to catch my favorite fish through the ice would be awesome too.I'm going to give it a try,now all I need is the harbour to freeze.

  • Mike

    "22 lbs" Yeah, right. And I'm the king of England.
    !0lbs, maybe.

    • Mike

      No question at all that carp is at least 15lbs stop bitchin man

  • wisconsin

    I don't think your suppose to put carp back.

    • mddetroit

      That one made me laugh out loud!

  • stick500

    the only carp you can't put back in the water are the new invasive asian carp (silver, bighead, and grass).
    it's perfectly legal to put commons back in.

  • Jeff Matity

    AMAZING! Fantastic fish guys! EASILY 20 pounds on the big one. We need to keep pushing the envelope on carp fishing throughout the year. Keep "BRINGIN IT" In-Fisherman!

    More CARP! More CARP! More CARP!

  • Dan

    Video does not seem to be working can anyone else see it?

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