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Ice Fishing

Ice Trolling Perch

by Jeff Simpson   |  December 20th, 2011 4

  • woody tillery

    Keep up the great work you guys have been doing for well over 20 years……………..woody

  • tim hemenway

    not so much a comment but, a question. i recently saw your in fisherman ice fishing show and absolutely loved it! the info was extremely valuable, thank you. my question is you had a small snap called the fast attach i believe it was called. i have searched every store, and catalog for this product and cannot find it anywhere! please tell me where i can purchase this product , as it looks like it will be a huge tool for fishing!thank you and keep up the good, excuse me, the great job!!! tim hemenway


      i purchased them at


    I see you are using a humminbird along side a showdown. I had heard the showdown will interfere with other electronics because of its power output. Is that true?

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