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2021 In-Fisherman Ice Fishing Gear Guide

2021 In-Fisherman Ice Fishing Gear Guide

Rods, Reels, Tip-Ups and Line

G. Loomis IMX Pro Ice Rod

G. Loomis IMX-PRO Ice rod

G. Loomis is known for building rods with unrivaled sensitivity and premium, cutting-edge materials with an eye toward giving anglers a tool for any and all scenarios and techniques. Its IMX-Pro Ice series now gives the avid ice angling crowd a selection of twigs with the same precision and varied actions the open-water crowd has enjoyed for decades. Seven of the 12 models feature Tubular IMX-PRO graphite construction with fast actions for enhanced sensitivity and a lightweight finished product to better target large species like walleye, pike and lake trout. The other five models feature Solid IMX-PRO construction with fast tapers and extra-fast actions to cater to the panfish crowd that demands enhanced strike detection and hook-setting performance. All IMX-PRO Ice rods are equipped with a Hybrid Guide System and fitted with ultra-light REC Recoil guides to facilitate ice management while the solid, stainless-steel tip provides increased rigidity and consistent shape.

MSRP: $199.99

G. Loomis IMX Pro Ice

Clam Scepter

Clam Scepter Carbon Rod

Built with the backbone to battle big fish and an extra-fine tip to detect the slightest tap, the lineup of Scepter Carbon rods covers the gamut for any ice fishing pursuit. Solid carbon blanks are paired with free touch real seats, a woven carbon handle and EVA butt to create custom feel. Eight models are available, ranging from a 28-inch ultralight to a 36-inch medium-heavy version.

MSRP: $99.99 to $149.99

Clam Outdoors

Abu Garcia Veritas LTD Ice Combo

Abu Garcia Veritas LTD Ice Combo

The next generation of Abu Garcia Veritas Ice rods feature improved, ultra-responsive, 24-ton graphite blanks and lightweight custom designed Winn advanced Dri-Tac Tennessee handle grips to detect even the lightest bite. The reel features a four-bearing system, lightweight graphite body and rotor, and one-touch folding handle for convenient storage. The combo is available in three rod lengths: 27-, 28- and 30-inch models with light, medium and medium-light actions.

MSRP: $69.99

Abu Garcia Veritas LTD Ice Combo


Daiwa Kage Ice Rod

Daiwa Kage Ice Rods

Built with the quality materials and attention to detail anglers expect from Daiwa, the new line of Kage ice rods offer a custom-built feel to help hardwater aficionados rule the ice hut. There are nine rods in the Kage family ranging from an ultra-light 2-foot, 4-inch model up to a medium-heavy 4-foot model. They are constructed of the company’s Super Volume Fiber blank manufacturing process, which utilizes concentrated fiber for more strength, thereby reducing the amount of heavy resin used. The result is a lighter, slimmer blank that is just as sensitive as it is strong. The Megatop rod tip adds an ultra-sensitive and durable top section while Fuji Tangle Free Guides with Aclonite inserts allow for smooth line travel and a crafted cork handle pairs with a hand-shaped reel seat for ultimate comfort for all-day fishing.

MSRP: $119.99

Daiwa Kage

Fenwick NightHawk Ice Combo

The Fenwick Night Hawk combines the quality and premiere craftsmanship that Fenwick embodies with today’s modern day, high-tech components. Featuring a unique TAC and EVA split grip handle design that provides anglers with ultimate comfort and lightweight feel, Night Hawk rods are designed to be extremely versatile and allow anglers to effectively fish for a wide range of species and use a variety of techniques.

MSRP: $49.99

Fenwick NightHawk Combo

Frabill Aerated Straight Line Tip-Up

Frabill Straight Line Tip-Up

Delivering next level efficiency for ice anglers, the Frabill VYPR Straight Line Tip-Up boasts an oversized design that works with holes up to 10 inches in diameter. Battery powered for increased versatility and the ultimate in portability, the Frabill VYPR Straight Line Tip-Up delivers proven Frabill performance with less equipment to haul onto the ice. The aerated design keeps the ice hole free from ice buildup, two ball-bearing straight-line reel design for increased sensitivity and durability, an oversized design works with a 10-inch hole and so much more.

MSRP: $69.99

Frabill Straight Line Tip-Up

Trilene Ice Fluorocarbon

Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon Ice

A specially designed 100% fluorocarbon formula for ice fishing. The line features a thinner diameter and is more supple to stay flexible in cold weather conditions, and offers better lure control. The low-stretch formula creates greater sensitivity and can be relied upon for solid hooksets. With ultimate invisibility, fluorocarbon won’t spook pressured fish, which means more hookups. It also offers excellent manageability thanks to lower memory for superior handling.

MSRP: $5.99

Trilene Fluorocarbon Ice

Bait and Lures

Aerobait Aerated Bait System

Aerobait Aerated Bait Saver System

A fully self-contained aerated system that keeps bait fresh. Aerobait Aerated Bait System includes insulated polypropylene bucket with a heavy-duty, battery-operated electric motor with recessed on/off switch. Check valve to prevent backwash into air pump. Requires 1 D battery. Not designed to be submersible.

MSRP: $49.99

Aerobait Aerated Bait System

Magic Products Wax Worms

Magic Bait Preserved Select Wax Worms

Magic Products Preserved Select Wax Worms are real waxies preserved in natural and dyed colors. These baits are great for trout and panfish and also for tipping jigs for ice fishing. These worms are non-toxic and 100% biodegradable. Real wax worms in a reclosable pouch with approximately 35 wax worms.

MSRP: $4.49

Magic Products Preserved Select Wax Worms

Celsius Boji Blade Panfish Spoon

Celsius Ice Gear Boji Blade Panfish Spoon

Finished with UV tape and glow paint accents on the front and back, the Boji Blade Panfish Spoons are designed to provide a bigger profile for any panfish under the ice. Available in 1/16-, 1/6- and 3/16-ounce versions, each spoon features a chained hook that allows for use of live bait or scented artificial bait. Once deployed to the bottom, a simple pump of the rod will impart an erratic and flashy action that draws strikes from panfish, bass, walleye and pike.

Calcutta Outdoors

Northland Buck-Shot Coffin Spoon

Northland Buck-Shot Coffin Spoon

The Buckshot Coffin Spoon features an internal brass rattle plus loud Kicker-Tail Fin that makes it very loud, attracting attention from great distances. Its flat-sided profile produces a tumbling action, and the angled body reflects light in unique ways. The Buck-Shot Coffin Spoon is available in 4 sizes: 1/8-, 3/16-, 1/4-, and 3/8-ounce models featuring 12 distinct fish-catching colors, including glow, UV and metallic patterns, (including new in-demand patterns being released in 2021. Each pack contains one Buck-Shot Coffin Spoon per card. Also available in assorted colors 3 per card.

MSRP: $6.99

Northland Buck-Shot Coffin Spoon

Berkley PowerBait Panfish Nibbles

Berkley PowerBait Panfish Nibbles

Berkley scientists have spent over 25 years perfecting an irresistible scent and flavor of the exclusive PowerBait formula that fish love so much they hold on 18 times longer, giving you the time and confidence to feel more bites. The Panfish Nibbles feature the same technology as the company’s famed Crappie Nibbles. The soft, yet long lasting, petite, preformed nibbles are easy to use with less mess, they slowly disperse scent cloud to attract panfish for more bites. The non-floating formula is ideal for fishing docks, beneath bobbers, tipping jigs, or filling tube baits. Even add to your hook when using live bait for even more scent and flavor appeal.

MSRP: $4.99

PowerBait Panfish Nibbles

Northland Tungsten Gill Getter

Northland Tungsten Gill Getter

The Tungsten Gill Getter features bulging glow-in-the-dark eyeballs with a Flat-Belly profile that gives it a gliding action and reflects sonar better. It falls fast and will punch through slush that builds up inside the hole during extremely cold days, and it comes armed with a premium needle point hook with 60-degree angle. The new Gill-Getter is available in two sizes: No. 12 hook 1/28-ounce and No. 10 hook 1/16-ounce. It comes standard in eight different fish-catching colors. Each pack contains two lures per card. Also available in a 6-jig assorted color pack.

MSRP: $6.99

Northland Gill Getter


AFTCO Hydronaut Suit

AFTCO Hydronaut Heavy-Duty Bib and Jacket

The Hydronaut suit was meticulously designed based upon direct feedback from the AFTCO Pro Team to handle extreme foul weather conditions when comfort, performance and focus are needed most. The intuitive SpeedVent jacket hood is engineered to alleviate neck strain and restriction from the airflow encountered when travelling at high rates of speed. On the bibs, the adjustable shoulder system are designed with a wider profile than traditional bib straps, helping to reduce dig while eliminating uncomfortable buckles. Front Velcro tensioners allow single-handed adjustments and rear mesh panels improve breathability. When combined, the AFTCO suit left no detail out of development. It will work wonders on the ice as well as ultra-cold winter days on the boat. It comes in sizes S-2XL

MSRP: Bib: $229; Jacket: $249

Hydronaut Bib and Hydronaut Jacket

Clam EdgeX

Clam EdgeX Suit

The EdgeX suit by Ice Armor and Clam is the next generation of the original blue ice fishing suit. Featuring a soft-touch waterproof fabric shell with a super soft long nap fleece inner lining, this comfortable suit will become a favorite for many ice anglers. Built with ice anglers in mind, this suit is waterproof, breathable, and warm for the coldest winter days—and especially comfortable. If you are looking for a cold-weather suit for ice fishing or winter, the EdgeX suit has you fully covered! The suit comes in sizes S-5XL

Parka: $199.99; Bib: $199.99

Parka and Bib

Eskimo Womens Legend bib and jacket

Eskimo Women’s Legend Bib and Jacket

The Legend Bib and Jacket is among the warmest, most well thought out ice suits on the market. Both the jacket and bib are loaded with technology offering extreme water and wind protection. The bibs offer a full-length leg zipper, a special dropseat design, and boast a 10k/10k Waterproof/Breathable rating, same with the jacket. Exclusive Eskimo Uplyft breathable flotation assistance helps keep you safe, and 100gm of Thinsulate insulation help keep you incredibly warm. Combine this with a premium outer shell that maximizes movement, the Legend gives you a unique combination of mobility, warmth and functionality. Available in sizes S-2XL

MSRP: Jacket: $289.99; Bib: $289.99

Jacket and Bib

FURLOH Thermo Neutral Suit

FORLOH ThermoNeutral Down Pant

Designed as a mid-layer option, the ThermoNeutral Down Pant is breathable, durable, warm, packable, quick-drying and water-resistant. FORLOH’s designers went a step further and removed seams that cause weak spots in baffles, and added sonic welding for performance, durability and ergonomic comfort. The seat, knees and cuffs feature bonded double 40D Military Spec Nylon Ripstop fabric to combat wear and tear when hole-hopping. Made with 650 fill RDS Downlite for a lightweight and warm fit, the ThermoNeutral Down Pant also has two zippered hand pockets and full-length side zippers for easy-on, easy-off wearability. Pairs well with the FORLOH ThermoNeutral Down Vest or Jacket—sizes S-2XL.

Pants: $369; Jacket: $379

Pants and Jacket

Mustang Torrens Jacket

Mustang Torrens Hooded Thermal Jacket (men’s and women’s)

Mustang’s bread and butter is in the floatation realm, but they have recently introduced some angler-friendly apparel and outerwear that is built with warmth and dryness in mind. The Torrens Hooded Thermal Jacket would be a good mid-layer option for the ice or an ideal top layer on those sunny days on hard water. Body-mapped Polartec Alpha insulation provides the foundation of warmth while lightweight gridded fleece underarms enhance mobility and support breathability. Another ingredient to the nearly weightless Torrens are the strategically placed gaiters that keep wind from blowing through the hood or up the hemline. Available in sizes XS-2XL

MSRP: $259.99

Mustang Torrens Jacket


Camso UTV Tracks

Camso UTV Tracks

This new track system reaches the next level of performance in any conditions. You simply won’t find another track kit offering this level of ride quality, performance, durability in any applications including deep snow, swamps, marshes, mud and muskeg. The tracks feature front-mounted tracks with flexible sides and a slight curve toward the inside, easy-drive and stable handling, more comfortable ride than traditional flat tracks and precise steering for pleasant long-distance and long working hours.

MSRP: $5,295

Camso UTV 4S1 Track System

Bubba Medium Shears

Bubba Medium Shear

The most versatile scissors in the Bubba shear family, the Bubba Medium Shears are made with titanium-nitride coated non-stick materials. Durable, lightweight, and multifunctional, the Medium Shears offer micro-serrated blades to easily slice through mono, fluoro, and braided lines with effortless precision.

MSRP: $26.95

Bubba Medium Shears

Hi-Tech Siberian Ice Box

HT Enterprises Siberian Ice Box

The Ice Box allows you to have a seat and have most of your gear within reach on the ice. The 15-1/2-inch-high padded foam seat is just one of the angler-friendly features on this tackle storage system. Four storage boxes fit within the interior compartment, including one with a slotted foam liner to secure the smallest micro jigs, flies or hooks. There is also an insulated storage compartment suitable for snacks, beverages or various forms of live bait as the Ice Box is designed to accommodate a small aerator and hose.

MSRP: $49.99


In-Fisherman Ice Fishing Guide, Ice Fishing Guide - Tactical Gear

In-Fisherman's 2022 In-Fisherman Ice Fishing Guide and 2022 Ice Fishing Guide - Tactical Gear

In-Fisherman's 2022 Ice Fishing Guide covers your favorite ice species, from walleyes, pike, perch, bluegills, and trout, to eelpout, bass, and more. Learn about the latest tactics and trends in live-scan electronics, deadly deadsticking, and the latest in cutting-edge presentations. The In-Fisherman Ice Fishing Guide - Tactical Gear showcases what's rolling out this coming ice season to help you hit the ice rigged and ready to catch more and bigger fish. Experts talk trends in ice lines for panfish and predators, custom ice rods, float suits, underwater cameras, panfish microbaits, and much more.

MSRP: $8

2022 In-Fisherman Ice Fishing Guide | 2022 Ice Fishing Guide - Tactical Gear

Ice Augers

StrikeMaster 24v Lithium Ice Auger

StrikeMaster Lithium 24v Auger

Electric DC brushless motor comes standard with a planetary gear system, operates on a 50:1 gear ratio in forward and reverse with a power button with a deadman safety switch. The 24-volt, 4-amp hour lithium ION battery will drill 65 holes with the 6-inch auger on a single charge and 50 holes with the 8-inch auger on a single charge—all based on repeated tests with 16 inches of ice. It’s as dependable as it is innovative.

MSRP: $399.99

StrikeMaster 24v Lithium Ice Auger

Jiffy Rogue Auger

Jiffy Rogue Electric Auger

A new standard in gasless augers, the Rogue produces up to 7500 RPM of cutting precision and possesses the industry’s only two-speed motor, controlled by a switch on the handle. The turbo setting is meant for outdoor drilling while the shelter setting is ideal for use inside ice huts and shelters. The Rogue can slice through 2,400 inches of ice on a single charge of the 80-volt 1300-watt battery, which can be fully recharged in an hour. Also includes a wide LED dome light for night drilling as well as a USB charge port in battery. Available in 6-, 8- and 10-inch models.

MSRP: $675



Humminbird Mega Live Ice Bundle

Humminbird Mega Live Ice Bundle

Humminbird has created a turnkey option for the ice angler looking to harness the power of the award-winning Humminbird Mega Live technology. With Mega Live, the angler can see fish, bait and structure in real-time with no gaps in sonar coverage, powered by the highly detailed and clarity of Mega Imaging throughout the entire sonar view.

MSRP: $2,999.99

Humminbird Mega Live Ice Bundle

Garmin LiveScope Ice Bundle

Garmin Panoptix LiveScope Ice Fishing Bundle

Garmin’s Panoptix LiveScope has reshaped how open-water anglers break down lakes and target fish. Now, ice anglers get to employ the same tool in a convenient and lightweight bundle. The bundle comes with everything needed to take your hard water fish-finding to the next level – a 9-inch EchoMap UHD 93sv chartplotter, the LiveScope System, a swivel pole mount, plus a rechargeable lithium battery, a battery charger and LiveScope transducer cable that stays flexible in the cold. All of that comes in a glove-friendly portable carrying case. The included lithium battery weighs one-third of comparable lead-acid versions and offers 65 percent longer battery life, allowing anglers to utilize the revolutionary technology to see fish and structure in real-time, up to 200 feet in any direction below the ice for longer periods of time. The EchoMap UHD 93sv comes preloaded with the latest Garmin LakeVü g3 cartography, and in the warmer months, the plotter and LiveScope transducer can be transitioned to the boat so anglers can keep fishing all year long.

MSRP: $2,999.99

Garmin LiveScope Ice Bundle

Vexilar FLX-30

Vexilar Pro Pack FLX-30 LI w/BB

The features found in the FLX-30BB read like the wish list of avid ice anglers starting with digital depth (only when used in normal or high power), Auto Range, Three zoom zones, three power levels, FIVE color palettes to select from for maximum visibility, five foot depth range adjustments starting at 10 feet, Maximum range of 300, Day and Night display brightness settings, Low power options for fishing in super shallow water, seven frequencies to choose from (160kHz to 300kHz). Performance, quality, innovation, and reliability, welcome to the amazing FLX-30BB. Vexilar's most popular winter fishing system is the Pro Pack II. This system offers great performance features in a super durable case with a built-in gimbal bracket to support your flasher. Complete with a 12 Volt Lithium, 9 amp-hour battery with charger. All FLX-30BB Pro Packs come standard with the powerful Broad Band Ice-Ducer transducer.

MSRP: $769

Vexilar FLX-30

Ice Hole Powerbox

Ice Hole 30Ah Powerbox

A 30Ah Amped lithium battery and lithium charger are included in the base price of this box. This box is wired by veterans and certified electronics technicians. Your choice of three rocker switches or you have the option to upgrade to Push Button Latching Switches for $12 per switch. The latching style switches are built with an aluminum housing. These switches have an on/off cycle life of 200,000 pushes. The box also features a USB-C port, a USB 3.0 and a voltmeter to keep track of your battery. There is also a 12v socket, two 12v lights, SAE port and more.

MSRP: $334.97

Ice Hole Powerbox

Dakota Lithium 12V 10Ah

Dakota Lithium 12V 10AH Battery

Built Dakota tough, this 12-volt lithium battery packs a big punch. Engineered with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) technology this battery has twice the power, half the weight, and lasts four times longer than a sealed lead acid battery—providing exceptional lifetime value. The No. 1 battery for fishing electronics, outdoor use, and SLA replacement. Replaces UB1280 battery and many more. LiFePO4 charger recommended. Comes standard with an impressive 11-year warranty.

MSRP: $109

Dakota Lithium 12V 10Ah Battery


Eskimo Outbreak 850XD

Eskimo Outbreak 850XD

With 114 square feet of fishable area inside, the Outbreak 850XD is the newest addition to the popular Outbreak series of shelters. It’s also the largest shelter Eskimo has ever built. Like its predecessors, the 850XD puts an emphasis on warmth and comfort with StormShield insulated fabric throughout and enough room to fish with several buddies or ice camp with the family. Two oversized, trip-proof doors allow users to enter and exit without worrying about stumbling over door framework while hauling gear. The skeleton of the 850XD features an all-metal ball-and-socket design and larger fiberglass poles. Equipped with 10 windows, four gear nets and two mesh pockets, the 850XD has you covered anywhere on the ice.

MSRP: $669.99

Eskimo Outbreak

Frabill Ice Hunter 115

Frabill Ice Hunter 115

The compact Ice Hunter 115 Flip-Over Ice Shelter is Frabill's smallest, lightest ice shelter, providing solo anglers the perfect balance of portability, agility and precision. Inside, there's a surprising amount of space between the included jumpseat seat and glove-friendly zippered door – leaving ample room for jigging, plus housing for all your electronics and gear.

MSRP: $449.99

Frabill Ice Hunter 115

Clam X200 Thermal Flip-Over Shelter

Clam X200 Thermal Flip-Over Shelter

The X200 Thermal portable flip-over shelter by Clam Outdoors features a full thermal skin, heavy-duty 1 1/4 pole system, comfortable deluxe seats and is built to withstand the harshest conditions. This shelter features a one-piece round hoop pole system, which is highly reliable, even in strong winds. Thirty-four square feet of fishable space allows for plenty of room to fish with room comfortably. The thermal skin keeps you, your kids, or buddies stay warm and happy all day. Four total doors, including side doors, allow anglers to get in and out of the shelter with ease without stepping over holes or gear. This shelter comes standard with a 3-year warranty.

MSRP: $1,149.99

Clam X200 Thermal

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