4 Great Cross-Over Fishing Rod Blanks

See 4 of the best MHX Blank Series that make for great cross over rods in different fishing applications.

MHX Rod Blanks Built for Performance

There's a saying in rod building that a rod blank is a rod blank.

This sounds simple and obvious, but what it means is that just because a blank is labeled for one application doesn't mean its rod specs won't translate just as well in other applications. This concept has helped many rod builders discover their favorite rod blanks and style of setup because it is something they wouldn't have previously tried.

Rod building certainly helps, but there's also another x-factor and that is the rod blank.

For instance, most MHX blanks are engineered for specific fishing applications, however, many of the MHX blank models can excel in more than just one application, technique, or even fishery.

1. MHX Crankbait Rod Blank Series

It's no secret that crankbaits catch fish and it's also a no brainer that the MHX Crankbait Rod Blanks dominate the competition when it comes to fishing crankbaits.

With various rod lengths from 7'0" to 8'0" that boost casting distance and increase the lures range as it dives through the strike zone, this crankbait series is engineered to maximize bites and then use its moderate-fast action to absorb the shock of the fight, ensuring treble hooks stay buttoned up.

The mod-fast actions of the Crankbait Series blanks certainly make them excellent candidates for many treble hook applications, but did you know they are also amazing when fishing shiners and swimbaits.

With powers ranging from Med-Light to X-Heavy, these rods are quickly gaining the spotlight to do far more than throw crankbaits.

Start building your own crankbait rod to feel what performance driven blanks can really do.

MHX-crankbait-series-rod-blanks2. MHX Popping Rod Blank Series

Ranging between 6'6" and 7'6" in length, the MHX Popping Series Rod Blanks also feature medium-light, medium, and medium-heavy powers, as well as mod-fast to fast actions.

The rod specifications of the Popping Series started out as the superior option for inshore fishing applications using popping corks, crankbaits and other top water lures.

But many anglers are now realizing that the rod specs that make these popping rod blanks so great, are also proving to be incredible for drop shots, jerk baits, live baits, rattle traps, and even shakey heads.

If you want to build a versatile rod to take almost anywhere, the MHX Popping Blanks are perfect for you!

MHX-popping-series-rod-blanks3. MHX S-Glass Rod Blank Series

The MHX S-Glass Series incorporates the traditional S-Glass woven fabric, but incorporates a new hardened resin system and features an updated translucent caramel finish.

Traditionally championed in crankbait applications, the soft tip flex of these new Gen 2 S-Glass models is equally as awesome for fishing chatterbaits, top water lures, and even live bait applications. To be honest, these blanks even work great as trolling rods.

If your fishing generally fits these categories, look into using the S-Glass Series Blanks.

MHX-s-glass-series-rod-blanks4. MHX Shooter Rod Blank Series

Sure it was originally designed for a trigger grip, but the MHX Shooter Series still relies on shorter lengths and fast actions to get the job done.

Under these circumstances, these shooter rods have also become incredibly popular for any underhand casting and skipping techniques. From skipping under docks and looming tree limbs to slinging it underhand around mangroves, this series is now recognized just as much for casting with expert precision.

The pin-point accuracy of the MHX Shooter Series is quickly growing in popularity for these techniques, but many Walleye fisherman have grown to prefer these shorter rods for jigging applications.

See where the Shooter Series can help you!


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