Berkley Havoc Back Slide

Berkley Havoc Back Slide

Mike Iaconelli of Pittsgrove, New Jersey, is an accomplished professional angler who competes on the Bassmaster, FLW and other tournament circuits. He is also known to do a lot of tinkering with baits.

According to Brad Danbom of Spirit Lake, Iowa, and project manager for Berkley baits, Iaconelli asked the folks at Berkley in 2010 to create a bait that he had been tinkering with for quite a while.

The bait Iaconelli was working with was a soft-plastic bait similar to the classic French-fry-style bait. To make these baits work, he placed a nail in the tail of these baits, which allowed them to slide and glide backwards during the pause sequence of a retrieve.

He found it to be an extremely effective finesse bait for inveigling black bass. Therefore, he was hoping that Berkley could create one that would slide and glide backwards alluringly without anglers having to spend many minutes poking different size or weights of nails into the tail of a four-inch soft-plastic French-fry-style bait.

For three years the designers and engineers at Berkley worked with Iaconelli to create this bait, and now the Berkley Havoc Back Slide is a reality.

Danbom says it is the most innovate shape that Berkley has created since its founder Berkley Bedell began making baits in 1937. What's more, Danbom calls it the "ultimate clear-water finesse bait."

Berkley describes it as a dual density bait, which means that the last inch of the bait is heavier than its first three inches. That extra weight was created by impregnating the tail with heavy quantities of salt.

The belly of the bait is flat, which according to Danbom, helps the bait to glide backwards with an erratic and beguiling action. It is also endowed with three short appendages called kicker legs. These appendages are affixed to each side of the bait's torso, and these legs undulate and quiver enticingly during the retrieve. Because it slides backwards, Iaconelli has found that it is an effective bait to wield around docks. When he fishes it around docks, he pitches it to the edge of the dock, and then he allows it to plummet towards the bottom, and as it plummets, it glides under the dock.

In addition to the six kicker legs, its head sports two antennas.

Iaconelli Texas rigs the Back Slide on either a 1/0 or 2/0 offset worm hook, and it is a light-wire hook.

It is available in 14 colors; White Small Silver, Watermelonseed, Smoke Small Black, Milky Pumpkinseed, June Bug, Green Pumpkin, Goby Magic, Cucumber, Cotton Candy, Chocolate Brown, Chartreuse Pepper Fleck, Black, and Baby Bass.

The suggested retail price for a package of five is $3.49.

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