Molix's Swimming Dragonfly

Molix's 3.5-inch Blue Notte Swimming Dragonfly rigged on a red 1/16-ounce Gopher Tackle Mushroom Head jig.

Molix of Bologna, Italy, has created an array of exceptionally delicate finesse baits that have garnered the attention of several Midwest finesse anglers.

The 3.5-inch Swimming Dragonfly is one of these alluring creations. It replicates the nymph stage of a dragonfly. There is also a five-inch rendition. It is sometimes called a SWD.

When one veteran Midwest finesse angler saw it and touched, she called it "stunningly beautiful."

A tiny hemisphere-shaped eye protrudes from each side of its head. The thorax of the 3.5-inch Swimming Dragonfly is about an inch long and three-eighths of an inch wide, and it is segmented with six thick ribs or segments. Four tiny appendages radiate off of each side of the thorax. Its abdomen is one and three-quarters inches long, and at its widest spot, it is nine- sixteenths of an inch wide, and at its narrowest spot, which lies at the junction of its thorax and abdomen, it is a quarter of an inch wide. The center or core of the abdomen is segmented with 17 ribs, and both sides of the abdomen are lined with scores of delicate feather-like ribs, which the folks at Molix describe as "a host of flattened appendages" that catch and displace water and create an air-bubble trail and exhibit an array "of subtle micro-movements." Its anal pyramid is shaped like a sharpened pencil, and it is nine-sixteenths of an inch long, and it is encircled with nine tiny ribs or segments.

Molix says the Swimming Dragonfly is made from a dual-density plastic. The abdomen and anal pyramid is buoyant and will float up and off the bottom when an angler employs it on a jig by dragging, deadsticking, or hopping it along the bottom. Molix says it also works well when it is affixed to a drop-shot rig.

Molix also notes that anglers can remove the thorax from the abdomen, which will create two different super-finesse-style baits that can be employed on a tiny jig. The abdomen portion essentially becomes a worm, and the thorax becomes a tiny stickbait with appendages that is similar to a small invertebrate. (Midwest finesse anglers suspect that these customized versions are more suitable for the five-inch one than they are for the 3.5-inch one.)

Because these soft-plastic baits are so fragile, Midwest finesse anglers contend that it is wise to employ them only when the largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, or spotted bass are extremely difficult to allure.

It is impregnated with a crayfish scent. It is available in the following colors: Blue Notte, Ghost Gill, Green Pumpkin, Light Watermelon, Marron Glace, Okee Craw, Orange Pumpkin, and Watermelon Gold Chartreuse.

We have not been able to find the five-inch Swimming Dragon at any retail outlets in the United States. But an angler can acquire a package of eight of the 3.5-inchers for $5.49 via the Internet.


(1) Here is a link to a short YouTube feature about the five-inch Swimming Dragon:

(2) Here is a link to Molix's Web site:

(3) For more information about other Molix's baits, please contact Casey Tucker at Anglers International Resources, 1272 E. Dundee Rd., Palatine, Illinois, 60074. You can talk to him at 847-991-3200. This is the link to their Web site:

(4) Here is a link to a Midwest Finesse column about Molix's Caleo Craw:

(5) Here is a link to a Midwest Finesse column about Molix's Sator Worm:

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