YUM Baits'™ Baby Christie Critter

YUM Baits'™ Baby Christie Critter

nullA member of the Finesse News Network who spends a lot of time searching for soft-plastic baits that Midwest finesse anglers can affix to a mushroom-style jig told us that YUM Baits' Baby Christie Critter looks to be a creature bait that might strike the fancy of some Midwest finesse anglers.  He said it should be an effective supplement to the four-inch soft-plastic lizard  that some Midwest finesse anglers employ in late April, throughout May, and early June. And it can also supplement their use of a tube.

The Baby Christie Critter is a 3 1/2-inch creature bait. It is the creation of Jason Christie of Park Hill, Oklahoma, who is a professional angler who nowadays competes on two Bassmaster circuits, as well as at the Texas Toyota Bass Classic and Major League Fishing events.

According to Christie, it is at its best when the largemouth bass are spawning and during the post-spawn period. He also describes it as an effective sight-fishing tool.

The top of its head is dome shaped. Its torso consists of seven wide segments, and these segments, which some anglers call ribs, encircle the top, sides, and bottom of the torso.

A relatively long and thin appendage radiates off each side of the second segment of the torso below its head.  These appendages are also curled.

Four major appendages embellish the tail end of its torso. Two of them are wide and wing-shaped. Some anglers say they are spaded-shaped. Other anglers describe them as big flappers. The other two appendages are narrow, long, and curled.

These six appendages are designed to move a lot. As they move, they displace a significant amount of water, and the movement and displacement of water are thought to be alluring to largemouth bass at times.

Christie says he likes to use it as a trailer on a skirted jig, and it allows the jig to fall at a quicker pace than it falls when it is affixed to a bigger, wider, and thicker trailer. He also affixes it Texas-style to a 5/0 hook and a slip sinker, and he flips and pitches it.  Furthermore, it can be rigged Texas-style on a Carolina rig. Christie's finesse presentation, which Midwest finesse anglers call power finesse, is accomplished by affixing it Texas-style onto a shaky-head jig.

But these are not the ways that Midwest finesse anglers will rig and wield the Baby Christie Critter. What's more, it is also a tad too big for most Midwest finesse applications. But Midwest finesse anglers are inveterate customizers. Thus, they will remove its head and the segment of its torso adjacent to its head, making it a three-inch bait.  Then they will affix it to a small mushroom-style jig with an exposed hook, which will allow them to employ it with all six of the standard Midwest finesse retrieves. (For more information the six Midwest finesse retrieves, please see the Midwest Finesse column at this  link: http://www.in-fisherman.com/midwest-finesse/six-midwest-finesse-retrieves/)

The appendages can also be removed or customized.

It is manufactured in the following colors: Black Blue Flake, Black Blue Shadow, Black Neon, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Purple, Junebug, Watermelon Candy, and Watermelon Green Pumpkin Laminate.  They are impregnated with Yum's proprietary scent.

A package of 10 cost $2.99.

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