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Big Worms For Bass

by Matt Straw

It’s tough to see the real magic of a cigar worm in the water. Drop one in an aquarium. Let… more »


European Baits For Catfish

by Cory Schmidt

If catching cats means fishing with stuff that’s dead, stinky, or goopy, it’s news to a new breed of catfish… more »


Best Fishing Line for Catfish

by Dan Johnson

Of all the ways to boost your chances of catching catfish by the carload, few are as easy, affordable, and… more »


Chunking And Dipping for Catfish

by Dan Johnson

A variety of natural baits including catalpa worms, guts, nightcrawlers, and cutbait catch catfish. So do absolutely vile-smelling, home-brewed stinkbaits… more »

Light Line For Bass

Light Line For Bass

by Pete Robbins

Two-time Bassmaster Elite Series Angler of the Year Aaron Martens is a finesse specialist in a world where heavy braided… more »


Pigs in Puddles

by Jim Gronaw

Many of the biggest largemouth bass taken each year, nationwide, come from small public and private lakes. Yet many of… more »

Topwater for Bass

by Steve Quinn

If you have an itch, it’s human nature to scratch it. Try some self-restraint, but it’s no use. These days,… more »


River Smallmouth Bass

by Darl Black

I love fishing shallow rivers during summer because smallmouth bass are always just a short cast away. Small waters are… more »

Pike: Freshwater's Perfect Engine

Pike: Freshwater’s Perfect Engine

by Dr. Rob Neumann

Pike are built to eat fish: elongated snout, strong jaws, and a mouth full of gnarly teeth; eyes strategically set… more »

The Best Told Mistakes of Every Catman

The Best Told Mistakes of Every Catman

by Doug Stange

Historical Perspective Kansas City, Omaha, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and many smaller cities. Editor In Chief Doug Stange traveled widely during… more »

Managing Bluegills

Managing Bluegills

by Dr. Hal Schramm

Until a few years ago, the management strategy for good bluegill fishing—meaning good numbers of hand-size or larger ‘gills—was simple:… more »

The Future’s Not Far

The Future’s Not Far

by Doug Stange

During a November past, I had a spare night in Northwest Iowa, after spending several days at a deer hunting… more »

From New York City to the Brazilian Jungle

by Steve Quinn

As a youth growing up in Manhattan, my parents would often take my brother and me to the Central Park… more »


One Angler’s Evolution

by Jeff Simpson

Knowledge acquired over time is essential for gaining the necessary wisdom to evolve as an angler. Although wisdom can be… more »


The Catfish Coffee Club

by Rob Neumann

The pickup’s clock flashed 7:30 a.m. The weather report coming over the radio called for sunny skies and a high… more »

Vegetation Vantages For Bass

by Steve Quinn

To be successful, predators have to stalk their prey with patience and skill. These attributes have been custom-built for each… more »

Moving Baits For Catfish

by Dan Anderson

When I was a young catfisherman in my 20s, my dad consistently outfished me  2 to 1, fishing side-by-side, using… more »


Rattlebaits for Smallmouth

by Matt Straw

Of all lures ever introduced, few seemed more mysterious on initial inspection than the lipless crankbait. They looked like little… more »

Smallmouth Bass and Current

by Matt Straw

The Angle of the Dangle It happens when bass won’t cooperate. Or when bass can’t be found—which happens on rivers…. more »

Summer Great Lakes Walleyes

by Steve Ryan

Summer walleye fishing on big water often involves using a mixed bag of trolling techniques to maximize water coverage and… more »