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Cutbait Flatheads

Cutbait Flatheads

by Brian Ruzzo

Flathead catfish are hunters— alpha predators residing at the top of the food chain. With their wide gaping mouths they… more »


Great Lakes Bronze Age

by Steve Ryan

Lake Superior Chequamegon Bay: Chequamegon Bay’s shallows offer bass an oasis from the cobalt blue cold waters of Lake Superior,… more »

Walleye Electronics

Techno Trending in the Walleye World

by Cory Schmidt

Technology in fishing has reached such high levels that we can’t help but ask ourselves pointed questions at times. Fishing… more »


Fishing Anchors For Catfish

by Dan Johnson

Boat control is critical to success and safety in many forms of fishing, but particularly important to catfish fans dealing… more »


Kentucky Lake, Kentucky/Tennessee

by Dr. Hal Schramm

This 160,300-acre Tennessee River impoundment spans two states.  Ledge fishing has become legendary on the Tennessee River; summer is the… more »

Mississippi River Bass

Mississippi River, Pools 7 and 8

by Dr. Hal Schramm

Old Man River.  The Mighty Mississippi.  A rich history, indeed.  “Mississippi” in Ojibwa means father of waters.  To FLW Tour… more »

Summer Into Fall River Panfish

River Panfish: Summer into Fall

by Matt Straw

The line transmits a slight jolt as, directly below the boat, a 15-inch perch sucks in a jig tipped with… more »


Vacation time

by Ned Kehde

Patty, my wife, is taking me fishing in the Northwoods of Minnesota during the last week of July. She will… more »


Wonderful Wander Baits

by Cory Schmidt

Within the cult of talented muskie trollers—veteran guides working Lake St. Clair, Green Bay, the St. Lawrence River, Lake of… more »


AA Worms’ Baby Pus

by Ned Kehde

AA Worms’ Baby Pus recently caught the eye of a Midwest finesse angler. Even though it is a saltwater bait,… more »

Michigan's Upper Peninsula offers all kinds of canoeing and kayaking opportunities, from quiet lakes to rugged shoreline paddle adventures. Photo By Aaron Petersen

3 Top Summer Fishing Vacations Your Family Will Love

by Todd Smith

If you’re a serious fisherman and you’ve been thinking about where you’d like to escape to this summer for some… more »


The Manifold Virtues of Tiny Jigs

by Ned Kehde

In order to execute the no-feel phenomenon that lies at the heart of all six of the Midwest finesse retrieves,… more »

Minnow Baits For Bluegills

Bluegill-Minnow Connection

by Steve Ryan

Let’s face it, bluegills eat just about anything that fits in their mouth. For anglers, the key becomes making the… more »

Pike Trip To Canada

Pike Paradise

by Gord Pyzer

You’ve fantasized about it for years, right down to mentally packing your tackle and rigging your rods and now the… more »

bonnema and fisher

Michigan Area Hot for Smallmouth

by Dr. Hal Schramm

Gordon Lightfoot’s ballad about the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald directed anglers to Lake Michigan, where “islands and bays are… more »

Canadian Pike Perspectives

Canadian Pike Perspectives

by Gord Pyzer

No fish is more synonymous with the Canadian wilderness than pike. When I was growing up they were known ubiquitously… more »

Vertical Snap Jigging Walleye

Bombing Walleyes

by Cory Schmidt

Bombing is bigger than any one season or region Bombing tactics for walleyes are so good that at times on… more »

Bass In Weeds

Vegetation Vantages for Bass

by Steve Quinn

To be successful, predators have to stalk their prey with patience and skill. These attributes have been custom-built for each… more »

Best Places For Jumbo Perch

Hotspots for Jumbo Perch

by Dan Johnson

Sag-bellied perch topping a pound or two are prized catches. They’re rare in most waters, but you can boost your… more »

Deep Summer Pike

Probe Deep for Summer Pike

by Steve Ryan

Categorized as coolwater fish, large pike prefer water temperatures in the mid-60°F range or less, so during mid-summer, potential locations for… more »