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The Future’s Not Far

The Future’s Not Far

by Doug Stange

During a November past, I had a spare night in Northwest Iowa, after spending several days at a deer hunting… more »

From New York City to the Brazilian Jungle

by Steve Quinn

As a youth growing up in Manhattan, my parents would often take my brother and me to the Central Park… more »


One Angler’s Evolution

by Jeff Simpson

Knowledge acquired over time is essential for gaining the necessary wisdom to evolve as an angler. Although wisdom can be… more »


The Catfish Coffee Club

by Rob Neumann

The pickup’s clock flashed 7:30 a.m. The weather report coming over the radio called for sunny skies and a high… more »

Vegetation Vantages For Bass

by Steve Quinn

To be successful, predators have to stalk their prey with patience and skill. These attributes have been custom-built for each… more »

Moving Baits For Catfish

by Dan Anderson

When I was a young catfisherman in my 20s, my dad consistently outfished me  2 to 1, fishing side-by-side, using… more »


Rattlebaits for Smallmouth

by Matt Straw

Of all lures ever introduced, few seemed more mysterious on initial inspection than the lipless crankbait. They looked like little… more »

Smallmouth Bass and Current

by Matt Straw

The Angle of the Dangle It happens when bass won’t cooperate. Or when bass can’t be found—which happens on rivers…. more »

Summer Great Lakes Walleyes

by Steve Ryan

Summer walleye fishing on big water often involves using a mixed bag of trolling techniques to maximize water coverage and… more »

Revo MGX Spinning

MGX Spinning Reel

by In-Fisherman

The Abu Garcia legacy continues with the addition of this MGX spinning reel. It features a lightweight and durable magnesium alloy one-piece… more »

Michigan Steelhead

Pere Marquette River, Michigan Steelhead

by Doug Stange

It is among the most famous and productive steelhead rivers in Michigan, a smaller water winding west toward the Great… more »

North Carolina Bluegills

Richmond Mill, North Carolina Bluegills

by Doug Stange

Among the most fanciful fishing destinations for many hardcore anglers is a trip to fish for bluegills that surpass 2… more »


Sunline’s Assassin FC Fluorocarbon Line

by Ned Kehde

Across the years, there have not been many Midwest finesse anglers who have spooled their spinning reels with fluorocarbon line…. more »

10 Top Panfish Hooks

by In-Fisherman

Hooks are the unsung heroes of panfish conquests. While slab seekers often credit glitzy gear, high-tech electronics, or their own… more »


Drop Shot For Panfish

by Cory Schmidt

If there’s a more impressive fishing -portrait than Hector’s Britto’s 5-pound 13-ounce redear sunfish record, I’d like to see it…. more »

Punchbaiting soft-plastics corrals bulls in the weeds.

Top Panfish Tricks

by Dan Johnson

10 guide-tested tricks for catching more sunfish and crappies Although panfish are sometimes considered easy marks, consistently catching the biggest… more »

Scott with bass

Deep Weed Bass Blunder: Boat Control

by Dave Maas

Confession time: I despise bass fishing from the back of the boat while someone else runs the trolling motor. Sure,… more »


A Good Day for Pike

by Doug Stange

Key Early Season Patterns I’ve said before that I never fish so well as when my target is fish for… more »

10 Top Trophy Bluegill Destinations

by Dan Johnson

Finding and catching trophy bluegills is a challenge countless panfish fans love to tackle. But tracking down humpy-headed giants with… more »

Vertical Jigging Strategies for White Bass

by Bob Maindelle

I find the annual spawn-time window all too short and largely weather-dependent. As a professional white bass guide, I’d rather… more »