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Hotspots for Jumbo Perch

by In-Fisherman

Sag-bellied perch topping a pound or two are prized catches. They’re rare in most waters, but you can boost your… more »

Bucking Flathead Tradition

Bucking Flathead Catfish Tradition

by Dan Anderson

Shine the Light on Lures Catching flathead catfish on artificial lures during the day defies conventional wisdom. The traditional theory… more »

5 Killer Moves For Panfish

by Dan Johnson

Late Summer Into Fall As summer wanes, panfish opportunity blossoms. From the heart of tangled weedbed jungles to the dark… more »

Wind and Walleyes

by In-Fisherman

Editor’s Note: This article, written for the June In-Fisherman issue in 1992, is in classic In-Fisherman style, with In-Fisherman Editor… more »


Vacation time

by Ned Kehde

For the next two weeks, my angling and writing efforts will be overtaken by some captivating family events. Some of… more »


Mapping Bass

by Dan Johnson

Serious bass anglers factor mapping into their strategies, but given the never-ending parade of technological advances at our fingertips, it’s… more »

10 Top Tips for Catching Cats

Top Tips For Catfish

by Cory Schmidt

Every catfish hunter worth his or her weight in No-Roll sinkers has one— a secret fish-catching recipe, strategy or hot… more »

Green Bay Muskies

Green Bay Muskies

by Jeff Simpson

Few places on earth offer the daily opportunity to catch multiple muskies over 50 inches. Although muskies reside in the… more »

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Red River Channel Catfish

by Rob Neumann

This remains one of the most famous channel cat fisheries in North America—certainly for numbers of large channel cats. The… more »


Soft Swimmers For Slab Panfish

by Dan Johnson

North to South, livebait is a favorite among many panfish fans. Yet swimbait-style artificial softbaits are often equally if not… more »


Kayaking Giant Bass

by John Neporadny Jr

A high-powered bass boat gets a tournament competitor to a remote spot in a hurry. A kayak toted by a… more »


Sun Protection Gear

by Rick Bach

Skin cancers, like melanoma, have reached epidemic proportions and few people are at a greater risk than anglers. Skin cancers… more »


11 Top Knife Sharpeners

by In-Fisherman

Transforming the day’s catch into fine table fare calls for a sharp fillet knife, for more reasons than one. First… more »

Lake of the Woods Muskies

Lake of the Woods Muskies

by Jeff Simpson

A week-long Lake of the Woods trip should make the bucket list of every passionate muskie angler. The region itself… more »


Northeast Kansas Reservoirs

by Rob Neumann

Large and small flatland reservoirs in the Topeka area offer fine multispecies fishing, with options for largemouth and smallmouth bass,… more »


The Walleye Softbait Scene

by Jim Edlund

In the 1967 film The Graduate Mr. McGuire advises a young and nervous Benjamin Braddock: “There’s a great future in… more »


Sight Fishing Bass: Start At The Boat Ramp

by Dave Maas

 Most anglers launch their boat, idle away from shore, then hit the throttle to get the boat on plane before… more »

Small Reservoir Largemouths

Six Top Fishing Tricks To Conquer Cold Fronts

by In-Fisherman

Cold fronts are the bane of anglers everywhere. Whether you’re chasing walleyes, crappies, or bass, few things kill a hot… more »


Walleye Hardbaits Scene

by Steve Ryan

As the universe of walleye hardbaits continues to expand, it’s helpful to define the various categories and note when they… more »


Spinnerbaits: Top Picks for Fishing Variety

by Dan Johnson

While tackle fads come and go, spinnerbaits have remained a staple of the bassin’ trade for decades. And for good… more »