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Quality Low Cost Rods

by Dan Johnson

Few pieces of tackle affect fishing techniques and success as much as rods. Strategies such as flipping, drop-shotting, jigging, and… more »


Buzzbaits For Muskie Situations

by Dan Johnson

Talk top tactics with 20 rabid muskie hunters or raise the topic on Esox forums and chances are good that… more »


Dimiki’s Spoon Tail Miki

by Ned Kehde

  A Midwest finesse angler has periodically chastised us for failing to publish a gear guide about Dimiki Fishing Tackle… more »


One Cool Catfish Rig

by Kirk McKay

Selecting the right circle hook and catfish rig is critical when using livebait presentations to entice big flatheads. When used… more »


Trigger X’s Curl Tail Minnow and Boot Tail Minnow

by Ned Kehde

Trigger X’s Curl Tail Minnow and Boot Tail Minnow were designed for beguiling panfish. But there are times and waterways… more »


Best Baitcasting Reel Picks

by Jim Edlund

Not long ago, round reels dominated the baitcasting reel scene. Classics come to mind—Abu Garcia’s Swedish-designed Ambassadeur, first introduced in… more »


World Record Ice Fishing Perch!

by Dan Johnson

When 12-year-old Tia Wiese landed a behemoth yellow perch last March on Idaho’s Cascade Lake, she hoped it would break… more »


Best Fish Fillet Knives

by Dan Johnson

In-Fisherman has long promoted the practice of Selective Harvest, which encompasses the practice of keeping some fish selectively as a… more »


Cree Lake Pike and Lake Trout

by Rob Neumann

In-Fisherman editors have for more than 30 years sampled the finest fly-in fishing in Canada. Our main focus usually is… more »


Midwest finesse fishing and rattles

by Ned Kehde

Mike Poe of Siler City, North Carolina, is a veteran Finesse News Network contributor, and he recently reported that his… more »


Ice Fishing: Lake Winnipeg Walleyes

by Doug Stange

  If you want to catch lots of walleyes, including an excellent chance at fish over 10 pounds, we recommend… more »


Florida Exotic Species

by Steve Quinn

No question that our native gamefish are the basis of our fisheries, across the country. Some exotic species are unwanted… more »


Green Bay Walleyes

by Doug Stange

This large and diverse area stretches from the Michigan-Wisconsin border (Menominee River) in the west, down to the base of… more »


Z-Man’s Hula StickZ: an Update

by Ned Kehde

    On July 10, 2012, we penned 1,133 words about Z-Man Fishing Products’ Hula StickZ, which was designed by… more »


Fishing Kayaks

by Steve Ryan

Not long ago, kayaks floated far from the mainstream fishing scene. But today they’re the fastest growing segment in angling… more »


Midwest finesse fishing: a synopsis of 2014

by Ned Kehde

    The largemouth bass fishing in 2014 was the least bountiful year that I have experienced in northeastern Kansas… more »


VMC’s Spindrift Hook

by Ned Kehde

    VMC’s Spindrift Hook is a nightmare and headache preventer for the Midwest finesse anglers who like to affix… more »


How To Make An Alabama Rig

by Dr. Rob Neumann

Ever since Paul Elias schooled the field at the 2011 FLW Tour Open bass event at Lake Guntersville, the Alabama… more »


Great Fishing Rods

by Cory Schmidt

Angling entrepreneurs Bob and Bill Johnson were so enthralled with their home along the St. Croix River that they named… more »


Ice Fishing Steelhead

by Matt Straw

Snow devils whirling across a white expanse that extends to the horizon. Under those twisting tornadoes—and several feet of ice—rainbows… more »