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Green Bay Muskies

Green Bay Muskies

by Jeff Simpson

Few places on earth offer the daily opportunity to catch multiple muskies over 50 inches. Although muskies reside in the… more »

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Red River Channel Catfish

by Rob Neumann

This remains one of the most famous channel cat fisheries in North America—certainly for numbers of large channel cats. The… more »


Soft Swimmers For Slab Panfish

by Dan Johnson

North to South, livebait is a favorite among many panfish fans. Yet swimbait-style artificial softbaits are often equally if not… more »


Kayaking Giant Bass

by John Neporadny Jr

A high-powered bass boat gets a tournament competitor to a remote spot in a hurry. A kayak toted by a… more »


Sun Protection Gear

by Rick Bach

Skin cancers, like melanoma, have reached epidemic proportions and few people are at a greater risk than anglers. Skin cancers… more »


11 Top Knife Sharpeners

by In-Fisherman

Transforming the day’s catch into fine table fare calls for a sharp fillet knife, for more reasons than one. First… more »

Lake of the Woods Muskies

Lake of the Woods Muskies

by Jeff Simpson

A week-long Lake of the Woods trip should make the bucket list of every passionate muskie angler. The region itself… more »


Northeast Kansas Reservoirs

by Rob Neumann

Large and small flatland reservoirs in the Topeka area offer fine multispecies fishing, with options for largemouth and smallmouth bass,… more »


The Walleye Softbait Scene

by Jim Edlund

In the 1967 film The Graduate Mr. McGuire advises a young and nervous Benjamin Braddock: “There’s a great future in… more »


Sight Fishing Bass: Start At The Boat Ramp

by Dave Maas

 Most anglers launch their boat, idle away from shore, then hit the throttle to get the boat on plane before… more »

Small Reservoir Largemouths

Six Top Fishing Tricks To Conquer Cold Fronts

by In-Fisherman

Cold fronts are the bane of anglers everywhere. Whether you’re chasing walleyes, crappies, or bass, few things kill a hot… more »


Walleye Hardbaits Scene

by Steve Ryan

As the universe of walleye hardbaits continues to expand, it’s helpful to define the various categories and note when they… more »


Spinnerbaits: Top Picks for Fishing Variety

by Dan Johnson

While tackle fads come and go, spinnerbaits have remained a staple of the bassin’ trade for decades. And for good… more »

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Green Bay Smallmouth Bass

by Doug Stange

Smallmouths are booming on many portions of the Great Lakes, from the Niagara area of Lake Erie in the East,… more »

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 Texoma Stripers

by Rob Neumann

Lake Texoma stripers are revered as a top-notch harvest for numbers of mid-size fish. This vast reservoir on the Red… more »

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Niagara Multispecies, Buffalo Area, New York

by In-Fisherman

While many locations offer outstanding opportunities to catch outsize specimens of one or more fish species, none in the freshwater… more »


Yeti Hopper!

by Jeff Simpson

  The Yeti Hopper is described as the first 100-percent leak-proof travel cooler. It features a Hydrolock zipper that won’t leak… more »


Best Swimbaits: Top Picks for Bass and Gamefish

by Dan Johnson

Soft-plastic swimbaits are top options for bass and a variety of other gamefish. Their lifelike profiles, actions, and fish-attracting vibrations… more »

Paul Steffen with a dandy, dredged from tall timber. Photo: Bill Linder Photography

Tips For More Oddball Walleyes

by Dan Johnson

A walleye playbook amply stocked with proven presentations including basic rigging, jigging, and trolling tactics serves you well in countless… more »


Pullin’ Walleyes

by Steve Ryan

Spring walleye fishing often means large numbers of fish concentrated in small areas. The typical scene consists of boats packed… more »