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Midwest Finesse Fishing: November 2016

by Ned Kehde

Our November guide to Midwest finesse fishing contains 25 logs and 21,979 words that describe how, when, and where Midwest… more »

Rod Building Supplies

Startup Supplies, Tools, and Equipment

by Jeff Simpson

  Building your own custom fishing rods is a rewarding hobby on it’s own, but it gets even better when… more »

Giant Florida Bass

Giant Florida Bass Await!

by Steve Quinn

Cold weather Up North signals the start of an awesome shot at a giant Florida largemouth bass. Regardless of the… more »

South Dakota Jumbo Perch

Clark Area, South Dakota, Jumbo Perch

by Doug Stange

Well, I call them cinder blocks, these perch can be that impressively large. Broad across the back, all the way… more »

Fishing Rod Blank

Choosing A Rod Blank

by Jeff Simpson

The rod blank is an integral component, as it forms an extension of the angler’s arm allowing the angler to… more »

24 Rod Rack

KastKing’s Rack’em Up

by Ned Kehde

KastKing’s Rack’em Up rod holders cater to the acquisitive nature of today’s anglers. Nowadays, many anglers acquire scores of rods… more »


Finding The Spine

by In-Fisherman

The Spine Finding the spine on a rod blank is really easy. Nearly all rod blanks are made by wrapping… more »


2016 Holiday Gift Guide

by In-Fisherman

Given the virtually endless array of tackle and accessories available to holiday shoppers, choosing gifts for friends and family can… more »

Build a Custom Fishing Rod

Why Build a Custom Fishing Rod

by In-Fisherman

The short answer: There is nothing like catching a fish on a rod that you built with your own two… more »

Main Image Setting Up Guides On A Casting Rod

Setting Up Guides on a Casting Rod

by In-Fisherman

Although guide selection can seem like an intimidating task considering all the options available, it really can be quite simple… more »

Repair Cork Handles

How to Repair Cork Handles and EVA Handles

by In-Fisherman

Everyone has that favorite fishing rod, whether it was given as a gift or just your good luck charm, it… more »

Checkerboard Rod Handle

How To Build A Checkerboard Rod Handle

by In-Fisherman

Checkerboard cork handles really make a custom fishing rod unique, and it is actually a fairly straight forward process. With… more »

Main Image Create Your Own Trim Bands in 9 Easy Steps

Create Your Own Trim Bands in 9 Easy Steps

by In-Fisherman

Trim bands are a unique type of thread work that although serve no structural purpose, do add a personal and… more »

Fishing Rod Guides

Line Control Fishing Rod Guides

by In-Fisherman

When it comes to custom rod building, choosing the right guides will make or break your rod’s overall performance. From… more »

Rod Building Mistakes

Avoid These Top 5 Rod Building Mistakes

by In-Fisherman

If you have ever heard that practice makes perfect, then you must be familiar with custom rod building. Rod building… more »

Pro Builds His Own Fishing Rods

Rod Builder John Cox Wins Forrest Wood Cup

by In-Fisherman

John Cox from Debary, Florida is a professional fisherman on the FLW tour, and is a natural bass fisherman.  That… more »

Main Image Rod Building Interview With Pro Angler Jim Dillard

Rod Building With Pro Angler Jim Dillard

by In-Fisherman

Jim Dillard, a West Monroe, Louisiana native, is a professional fisherman on the FLW and Bassmaster Open tours, and is… more »

Main Image MHX Elite Pro Series Rod Blanks

MHX Elite Pro Series Rod Blanks

by In-Fisherman

MHX has become a premium rod brand with some of the most recognizable rod blanks. In the world of fishing,… more »


Midwest Finesse Fishing: October 2016

by Ned Kehde

Our October guide to Midwest finesse fishing contains 17 logs and 13,667 words that describe how, when, and where Midwest… more »

Reaming Rod Handles

Top 5 Reaming Tips for Building Rod Handles

by In-Fisherman

The most common reaming mistakes occur while rushing the handle assembly of a rod build. Although reaming a piece of… more »