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Spinnerbaits: Top Picks for Fishing Variety

by Dan Johnson

While tackle fads come and go, spinnerbaits have remained a staple of the bassin’ trade for decades. And for good… more »

Green Bay Smallmouth Bass

by Doug Stange

Smallmouths are booming on many portions of the Great Lakes, from the Niagara area of Lake Erie in the East,… more »

 Texoma Stripers

by Rob Neumann

Lake Texoma stripers are revered as a top-notch harvest for numbers of mid-size fish. This vast reservoir on the Red… more »

Niagara Multispecies, Buffalo Area, New York

by In-Fisherman

While many locations offer outstanding opportunities to catch outsize specimens of one or more fish species, none in the freshwater… more »

Yeti Hopper!

by Jeff Simpson

  The Yeti Hopper is described as the first 100-percent leak-proof travel cooler. It features a Hydrolock zipper that won’t leak… more »


Best Swimbaits: Top Picks for Bass and Gamefish

by Dan Johnson

Soft-plastic swimbaits are top options for bass and a variety of other gamefish. Their lifelike profiles, actions, and fish-attracting vibrations… more »


Wakebaits for Bass

by Dan Johnson

Wakebaits are deadly weapons for bass in a variety of scenarios. You can throw them with confidence virtually anytime bass… more »


Early Spring Crappie Tactics

by Matt Straw

If you planned on following the spring crappie bite from Florida to the far frontier in southern Canada this spring,… more »


Hinged Hair Jigs for Bass, Trout, and Walleye

by Cory Schmidt

Thankfully, tying hundreds of #12 Adams flies for money—as I did in high school and college—bears little resemblance to the… more »


The Best Fishing Bobbers For Every Situation

by Matt Straw

Suspending lures or baits at a precise depth in the right way and having success becomes addictive. Any freshwater fish… more »

bass chatter 2

Chatterbaits For Big Bass

by Jeff Samsel

When North Carolina pro Bryan Thrift won a Stren Series event on Lake Okeechobee in 2006 with a lure few… more »


Best New Hard Lures

by In-Fisherman

Among hard lures, truly new ideas are hard to come by. Many new items represent tweaks on proven systems or… more »


Blue Catfish Locations In The U.S.

by Rob Neumann

Big “blues” are found in rivers and reservoirs of the eastern, southeastern, and south-central regions of the U.S.  Blue catfish… more »

Guide Jeff Matity of Saskatchewan uses a “Smash and Grab” technique to trigger big walleyes.

Ice Fishing Methods for Trophy Walleyes

by Tom Gruenwald with Dennis Foster and Jeff Matity

“Predators that get to trophy size have to take in more calories than they expend,” Guide Dennis Foster says. “That’s… more »


Dynamic Lake Mapping Today

by Cory Schmidt

Over a decade ago, guides such as Brian “Bro” Brosdahl helped gather data and compile the first comprehensive high-definition digital… more »


Catifsh Tactics, Videos, And More!

by Rob Neumann

Catfish are among the most popular groups of fish with over 7 million catfish anglers nationwide. In a recent survey… more »


Trends In Fishing Line

by Matt Straw

A 4-pound smallmouth wraps you around the anchor rope. A heavy pike drags line across a nicked prop. An 18-ounce… more »


Catfish in Tailwater Areas

by Doug Stange with Ned Kehde

It’s no mystery why some of the best catfishing of the year often takes place in a tailwater area beginning… more »


Best Lipless Rattlebaits

by Dan Johnson

Lipless rattlebaits are deadly on a variety of predators. Their secret? A tantalizing mix of tight wiggles and fish-attracting vibrations,… more »


Heated Insoles

by Jeff Simpson

  Thermacell ProFLEX Heated Insoles foot warmers are the newest addition to the Thermacell line. Designed to make any cold… more »