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TriggerX’s Flap Tail Grub, Nymph, and Wingding

by Ned Kehde 0

Trigger X recently announced that it has three little soft-plastic baits that should catch the attentions of Midwest finesse anglers… more »


Rapala’s Ultra Light Rippin’ Rap

by Ned Kehde 0

Rapala’s new Ultra Light Rippin’ Rap looks as if it will suit the needs of the Midwest finesse anglers who… more »


Gene Larew Lures’ Tattle Tail Worm; an Update

by Ned Kehde 0

On Sept. 26, 2013, we published a story about Gene Larew Lures’ Tattle Tail Worm, which was introduced to the… more »


Lake Toho Bass

by Steve Quinn 0

While we all know there are no guarantees in fishing, the potential to catch a 10-pound largemouth bass exists every… more »


Lake Fork Largemouth Bass and White Bass

by Doug Stange 0

  Every bass angler should relish the opportunity to visit Lake Fork, a phenomenally productive 33,000-acre impoundment just east of… more »


Winter and the Hair Jig

by Ned Kehde 0

It is 10:53 a.m. on Nov.15, and it is snowing in northeastern Kansas. I haven’t made a cast since 3:45… more »


Riot Fishing: An Interview with Matt Stark

by Ned Kehde 0

Recently, Matt Stark and I exchanged a series of e-mails and a telephone conversation about several of Riot’s new baits…. more »


Z-Man Fishing Products’ BatwingZ

by Ned Kehde 2

Z-Man Fishing Products didn’t create its BatwingZ for Midwest finesse anglers. In the minds and eyes of its designers, it… more »


Kalin’s Sizmic Wac-O-Worm

by Ned Kehde 0

Uncle Josh Bait Company began to slowly introduce its Kalin’s Sizmic Wac-O-Worm to the fishing world in April. It is… more »


Midwest Finesse Fishing: October 2014

by Ned Kehde 0

  October’s guide to Midwest finesse fishing is brimming with a variety of piscatorial observations from Rick Allen of Dallas,… more »


Big Bite Baits’ Four-inch Kriet Kreature

by Ned Kehde 0

Midwest finesse anglers are incessantly searching for small creature baits to affix to a small mushroom-style jig, and a contributor… more »


Z-Man Fishing Products’ Finesse ShroomZ

by Ned Kehde 0

  Z-Man Fishing Products created their Finesse ShroomZ for Midwest finesse anglers, and it was introduced to the angling world… more »


Sebile’s Vibe Machines

by Ned Kehde 2

Patrick Sebile’s Vibe Machines recently caught the attention of a Midwest finesse angler who periodically wields a small crankbait on… more »

Riot Bait’s Streaker

by Ned Kehde 0

Riot Baits’ Streaker is a newcomer to the world of swimbaits. It is a slender bait, and its length measures… more »


Reins Fishing’s Craw Tube

by Ned Kehde 0

Reins Fishing’s Craw Tube was unveiled to the angling world at the 2014 International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades show… more »


Strike King’s KVD Perfect Plastic Blade Minnow

by Ned Kehde 0

Strike King Lure Company unveiled its KVD Perfect Plastic Blade Minnow at the 2014 International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades… more »


Z-Man’s Scented LeechZ

by Ned Kehde 0

On June 18, 2013, we published a brief gear guide that featured Z-Man’s Fishing Products’ Scented LeechZ, which was introduced… more »


Midwest Finesse Fishing: September 2014, an update from Mike Poe

by Ned Kehde 0

Throughout the summer of 2014, Mike Poe of Siler City, North Carolina, was confounded time and again by the largemouth… more »


Midwest Finesse Fishing; September 2014

by Ned Kehde 0

September’s guide to Midwest finesse fishing is teeming with insights from Rick Allen of Dallas, Texas; Donald Baldridge of Springfield,… more »


Z-Man’s Fishing Products’ 3 1/2-inch GrubZ

by Ned Kehde 6

Z-Man Fishing Products introduced its 3 1/2-inch GrubZ to the angling world at the 2014 International Convention of Allied Sportfishing… more »

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