3D-CrawlerSavage Gear introduced the 3D Armor Crawler to the angling world on July 15 at the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades show in Orlando, Florida.

The Savage Gear’s designers used a three-dimensional scan of a live earthworm to create the molds for this rather unique polyvinyl-chloride worm that is enriched with iodine and a touch of salt. In essence, it replicates all of the external or epidermis features and proportions of an earthworm’s anatomy.

To create what Savage Gear calls armor, the PVC is molded over a nylon mesh, and the mesh is encapsulated within the front portion of the worm, including its clitellum. This tactic creates an extremely durable PVC worm.

The clitellum is the spot on most soft-plastic worms where most anglers affix a hook when they wacky rig a soft-plastic worm, and invariably a wacky-rigged worm is quickly torn asunder or jettisoned off the hook during a short donnybrook with a feisty largemouth bass. The addition of the nylon mesh prevents that from occurring.

It is available in five colors: Black, Green Pumpkin, June Bug, Watermelon Red, and Oxblood with Micro Red Flake.

At this moment, they are manufactured in two sizes: 6 1/2-inches and eight inches, which are too long for Midwest finesse applications. But Midwest finesse anglers will keep an eye upon the various goings on at Savage Gear in hopes that a four-inch 3D Armor Crawler will make a debut in the months to come.

The suggested retail price for a package of eight 6 1/2-incher is $5.49.

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