Voracious predators fond of tangled logjams and other gnarly environments, giant flathead catfish records are a challenge to land on the stoutest of tackle. Yet sometimes, as we chronicle in several of the following entries on state-record shovelheads, lady luck intercedes on our behalf. Often, though, true monsters trash even heavy gear and escape. Which explains why commercial trotlines and other Herculean tackle account for some of the largest fish on record.

Good Vibration Flatheads!

Good Vibration Flatheads!

Check out this video: Healthy, big and bold livebait can be the key to flatheads.

For example, Tennessee’s state record, taken from the Hiwassee River in 1993, weighed almost 86 pounds. But a 92-pound flathead taken by a commercial fisherman from the Mississippi River in 2000 holds the state’s non-sportfishing record. In Oklahoma, the “unrestricted” record stands at 102 pounds. Texas biologists note that a replica of a 122-pound flathead taken illegally from Lake Tyler in the spring of 1984 is on display at the Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens; that fish tops the current Lone Star record by more than 23 pounds and would have been a world record at the time. Of them all, Arkansas is hard to beat with a brute taken from the Arkansas River on a snagline back in 1982 that tipped certified scales at 139 pounds, 14 ounces. Again, not a rod-and-reel record.

Still, a glance at the nation’s record catfish reveals nine fish breaking the 80-pound barrier, three of which topped 90. We’ll start with the granddaddy of flathead records, the world all-tackle, then offer a sampling from around cat country to whet your appetite for monster mud cats of your own.

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