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Ice Fishing Videos

Ice Fishing

All About Ice Fishing

by In-Fisherman 0

Ice fishing has grown by leaps and bounds, as literally millions of anglers across the Ice Belt have embraced modern… more »


Top Electric Ice Augers

by In-Fisherman 5

If you like pistons, horsepower, and the unmistakable smell of two-stroke exhaust hanging in the icy air, there’s something supremely… more »


Winter Weather Fishing

by Cory Schmidt 0

Scrolling through my photos of fish from the past decade shows that the best fishing on ice often corresponds with… more »


Best Ice Fishing Rods

by Cory Schmidt 0

Been sorting through the ice rod collection the past week. It’s something lots of us do while waiting for lakes… more »


Ice Fishing Electronics

by Cory Schmidt 0

Might be a sign you’re getting older when you remember an event that transpired over twenty years back as if… more »


Winter Perch

by Matt Straw 0

One guy is jigging with two rods. Another angler has one rod lying across a bucket. And he’s catching all… more »

Ice Crappie Lures

Top Ice Crappie Lures

by Cory Schmidt 0

It’s hard not to get excited when after hours or days of searching you finally land on a nice school… more »

Stocked Trout Tactics

Stocked Trout Tactics

by Jeff Simpson 0

The In-Fisherman staff goes in search of stocked trout.


Quick Strike Rig Pike

by Dan Johnson 1

The heart of quick-strike rigging hinges on two trebles—typically #6 or #4—as smaller hooks yield better hooking rates than larger… more »


Tricks for Catching Giant Panfish

by Steve Ryan 0

Some anglers equate ice fishing to a game of checkers. Tony Boshold views the experience as a fluid chess match… more »

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