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Ice Fishing Videos


Idaho Girl Ices World Record Perch

by Dan Johnson 0

When 12-year-old Tia Wiese landed a behemoth yellow perch last March on Idaho’s Cascade Lake, she hoped it would break… more »


Ice Fishing Steelhead

by Matt Straw 0

Snow devils whirling across a white expanse that extends to the horizon. Under those twisting tornadoes—and several feet of ice—rainbows… more »


Ice Fishing Deep Perch

by Dan Johnson 1

Portly yellow perch fuel our hardwater dreams. But fish pushing two pounds are as real as you and me. Catching… more »


Ice Fishing Electronics

by Cory Schmidt 0

This past winter, a pair of new tools offered exciting glimpses of the world beneath the ice. Wireless (WiFi) underwater… more »


Shallow Water Walleyes

by Steve Ryan 0

Shallow water walleyes present unique challenges for ice anglers. It’s about walking softly and carrying a stiff stick. These fish… more »


Targeting Big Ice Walleyes

by Cory Schmidt 0

It’s not something fishermen like to talk about. Shrinkage. Cold causes folks to hunker down in their parkas and disappear… more »


Top Ice Fishing Panfish Spots

by In-Fisherman 2

What value can be placed on a 1-pound bluegill or a 2-pound crappie? Not in dollars and cents, but in… more »


Potential World Record Lake Trout Returned To Canada

by In-Fisherman Online Staff 1

  A potential world record lake trout caught from the Ontario side of Lac la Croix by a northern Minnesota… more »


Ice Fishing White Bass

by Matt Straw 0

Would 75 panfish per day be of interest to anyone? What if they averaged about 17 inches in length and… more »


Ice Fishing Smelt

by Dave Scroppo 2

Minnows, I’m Telling You, Minnows That’s how smelt appear when you’re angling through the ice with hook and line for… more »


Dave Genz’s All Time Top Panfish Tips

by Mark Strand 0

We all benefited when Dave Genz got so hyped about ice fishing over 30 years ago that he gave up… more »


The Final Temptation of Ice Fishing for Lake Trout

by Doug Stange with Lance Sokero 0

I have a young friend from west Texas who throughout his years in high school has been dropping me an… more »


Winter Crappie Forage Tactics

by Gord Pyzer 0

Sometimes it makes sense to match-the-hatch for winter crappie. A fine example is using an artificial bait that mirrors the… more »


C&R World Record Walleye Pending Certification

by Jim Edlund 2

I received the news via Ma Bell. Not Facebook. Not Twitter. Just a simple phone call with intel that a… more »


New Ice Fishing For Walleye Presentation Perspectives

by Matt Straw 0

Whistling winds create a dance of ice and snow dust. Underneath, walleyes are moving, constantly moving. They glide from one… more »


A New Generation of Underwater Cameras

by Cory Schmidt 0

From early sub-ice exploration with the big, cumbersome underwater cameras of the early 1990s, to the covert surveying with micro… more »


Tricked Out Ice Fishing Houses

by Cory Schmidt 0

Among a truckload of techie ice gear today, you still can’t beat the 5-gallon bucket. You load it full of… more »


Ice Fishing For Whitefish

by Gord Pyzer 0

For most anglers, whitefish are savored only in fancy restaurants. Their flesh rivals the walleye’s—smoked whitefish is to die for,… more »


Stocked Ice Trout Once The Ceiling Freezes

by Matt Straw 1

Stream trout—rainbows, browns, and brookies—probably prefer open water over their heads at all times, but many are stocked in ponds,… more »


Critical Factors When Ice Fishing Pike

by Gord Pyzer 0

Most pike waters offer considerable diversity, from the aquatic equivalent of lush rainforests to hostile deserts; yet, unlike our world—where… more »

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