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Lunker Largemouth

October 13th, 2011 3
22-inch Largemouth Bass
Joel Walter
Fort Wayne Indiana
Species: Largemouth Bass
Date Caught: 08/11/2011
Kept / Released: Released
Region of Catch: Region 1
Length: 22 inches
Weight: 5
Lure / Bait used: Lure | Green pumpkin / black flake 5-inch Yamasenko
Caught a 22-inch largemouth bass on a 5-inch Yamasenko (green pumpkin / black flake) using a wacky rig.
  • Steve

    Great fish! Green pumpkin is my go to color! Keep casting!

  • jacob

    ugh i wish i could catch a good fish my first and only freshwater bass was a small mouth i dont even know if it was but im sure keep up the great fish

  • Kenton

    Nice Fish!

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