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White Bass Anglers’ Gear Guide: Yakima Bait Company’s 1/4-ounce Vibric Rooster Tail

by Ned Kehde   |  October 11th, 2012 10

 Across the great white bass triangle that stretches from Milford Lake, Kansas, to Grand Lake, Oklahoma, and to the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, scores of anglers are in the midst or soon will be in the midst of pursuing white bass on a variety of wind-blown points and shorelines.  It is a piscatorial phenomenon that occurs every fall in these parts.

Yakima Bait Company has introduced a new color combination for its 1/4-ounce  Vibric  Rooster Tail that should catch the fancy of  white bass anglers and their quarry this fall.  The color is called Clyde, which was named after Clyde “The Guide” Holscher of Topeka, Kansas.

Holscher is a multispecies guide, who spends many September through early December days guiding an array of anglers who hope to tangle with more than 100 white bass on each outing.  On many of those outings,  Holscher and his clients spend hours on end wielding 1/4-ounce Vibric Rooster Tails.

The 1/4-ounce  Clyde-hue Vibric Rooster Tail sports a No.8 treble hook that is dressed with white hackle and enhanced with strands of silver tinsel. Its teardrop body is white. The spinner blade is chartreuse

For many years,  chartruese lures, white lures and silver ones have inveigled untold numbers of white bass for Holscher and scores of other talented and ardent anglers.  To the delight of Holscher, Yakima has combined these three hues on one of his favorite white bass baits.

According to Holscher, the Vibric’s offset teardrop body and direct spinner blade-to-shaft rotation creates an unique and alluring vibration, and it doesn’t twist anglers’ lines as much as other straight-line spinnerbaits . What’s more, it can be retrieved at a slower pace and is more snag-free than the original Rooster Tail and similar spinnerbaits.

Holscher says that some of his clients who are new to casting and retrieving a straight-line spinnerbait on wind-blown points and shorelines prefer the 1/16- and 1/8-ounce Vibric models, but veteran anglers normally opt for the 1/4-ouncer.

At this moment, the Clyde hue is not an easy one for anglers to find, but they are stocked at several retailers, such as Rogers Sporting Goods (  in Liberty, Missouri, Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s.  The retail price ranges from $2.99 to $3.69.

Steve Desch of Topeka, Kansas, shows off a handsome Lake Perry white bass that the Clyde-hue Vibric Rooster Tail bewitched during a recent September outing.



  • Brian

    Interesting color – I'll have to look for that around here, though I'm guessing it will be yough to find in these parts, at least this year. Another mention for a great white bass spinner here in the Midwest is the Blue Fox Flash Deep Series inline spinner.

    Blue Shad and Rainbow Trout are my two favorite white bass colors in this series. One of the things I'll frequently do is to remove the existing feather trailer and add a chartreuse/white or white/red feathered bass treble connected via a small split ring between the two, usually a larger size 6. Owner Tournament trebles are my typical choice, though any quality tie will do.

    • nkehde

      Thanks for posting your white bass insights. They are helpful indeed. Please keep posting them in the days to come. Ned

  • Marty

    Sounds like we picked a good time to book a trip

    • nkehde

      We are eager to get a report about your white bass outing with Clyde Holscher .
      Please post it when you have time.
      Best wishes,

      • Marty

        The white bass were still scatered at Melford but Clyde put us on a lot of smallmouth and taught us how to catch them. Thanks again Clyde

        • nkehde

          Thanks for the report.

  • Jef

    Panther Martin has had this configuration for years. Not saying the yakima baits are bad (I've used them too) but they're hardly cutting edge.

    • nkehde

      Thanks for taking the time to note that the Yakima Bait Company’s 1/4-ounce Vibric Rooster Tail isn't on the cutting edge.
      We didn't mean to imply that it is a cutting edge lure. What we were attempting focus upon is the color that is called Clyde.
      The Clyde-colored Vibric features the three best white bass colors that anglers traditional use when they pursue white bass in the fall in the waterways of northeastern Kansas, northeastern Oklahoma and central Missouri. Those colors are chartreuse, silver and white, and the 1/4-ounce Clyde-hue Vibric Rooster Tail sports a No.8 treble hook that is dressed with white hackle and enhanced with strands of silver tinsel. Its teardrop body is white. The spinner blade is chartreuse.
      Sorry that I failed clearly state that in the blog, and thanks lending us your editorial eye.
      Please keep in touch and continue to tells us about the errors of our ways.
      Best wishes,

  • patrick

    cabelas has the clyde instock, basspro doesn't show that color available.

    • nkehde

      Thanks posting the note where anglers can purchase the Clyde-hue Yakima Bait Company’s 1/4-ounce Vibric Rooster Tail.
      As ever,

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