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Zoom Bait Company’s Z-Hog Jr

by Ned Kehde   |  December 6th, 2013 0

Midwest finesse anglers are always searching for a small creature-style bait. In the spring, during the spawn, many of these finesse anglers affix Zoom Bait Company’s Tiny Brush Hog or Mini Lizard to their Gopher Tackle’s ¬†Mushroom Head Jigs.

When Zoom recently announced that it had created the Z-Hog Jr, it garnered the attention of several Midwest finesse devotees.

It is a 3 1/2-inch rendition of Zoom’s four-inch Z-Hog. Its torso has a groove that courses along the center of its back and a similar one on its belly.

There are four appendages attached to the back end of its torso. Two of them are claw-like apparatuses that create a tail, which the folks at Zoom call a “rabbit-ear tail.” ¬†It is also embellished with two small flap-like appendages that are affixed on each side of the ¬†area where the torso and the tail are joined.

Because it was designed for power anglers, some Midwest finesse anglers fear that it might be a tad too big to employ on their favorite mushroom-style jigs. If it is too big for the traditional mushroom-jig applications that Midwest finesse anglers use, it looks as if it will be an ideal soft-plastic bait to affix to a 1/16- and 1/8-ounce jika rig, which several Midwest anglers have been utilizing during the past year.

It is a availabe in 10 colors: Black Red Flake, Black Sapphire, California 420, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Purple Green, June Bug, Scuppernong Green, Sprayed Grass, Watermelon Candy, Watermelon Red, and Watermelon Seed

A package of 11 can be purchased for  $4.99.


For information about how Midwest finesse anglers can use the Z-Hog Jr on a  jika rig, see : and

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