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Ultralight for Crappies in Timber

by John Neporadny Jr 0

Missouri’s Stockton Lake has water clear enough for anglers to resort to light line and light tackle to catch crappies,… more »


Patterning Riprap Crappies

by Ned Kehde 0

Anglers who fish natural lakes or lowland impoundments usually lack the opportunity to fish riprap for crappies. Elsewhere, plentiful crappies… more »


Spring Into Summer Perch Fishing

by Matt Straw 0

Imagine perch fishing as a spiritual quest. Would it involve ritual fires climbing into a black sky, and men dancing… more »


Rock Bass

by In-Fisherman 0

The subject—beyond my family’s misguided fishing adventures—was the rock bass we caught from Minnesota’s Many Point Lake. Those “red eyes”… more »

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Aberdeen Hooks For Panfish

by Steve Quinn 0

Forty-six years after the end of the Revolutionary War, a pair of Englishmen from Redditch opened a sporting good store… more »


Panfish Hair Jigs For Giants

by Cory Schmidt 0

Back in the day, panfish fanatics relied on livebait to make the most of their trophy fishing, and to put… more »


Bluegill Fishing Dense Cover

by Matt Straw 0

Frog-flinging bassmen penetrate the dense vegetation kingdom, a shadowy realm that houses lunkers. Only the rare panfish angler ventures into… more »


Bluegill Fishing Rivers

by Matt Straw 0

The Seminole tribe declined invitations from our government to follow the Cherokee, who mostly died of broken promises on the… more »


Crankbaits For Crappies

by Lonnie King 0

Pockets of popularity you might say. Everyone knows crappies eat crankbaits—at times. That’s not good enough for most crappie anglers,… more »


Great Lakes Perch Boom

by Steve Ryan 0

It’s nice to be the bearer of good news, and when it comes to Great Lakes perch, there’s plenty to… more »


5-pound 12.8-ounce World Record Sunfish

by Dan Johnson 5

Part of fishing’s allure is the fact you never really know for sure what’s lurking beneath the surface. Even when… more »


Understanding Perch Diets

by Noel Vick 0

Perch really do go on and off their diets. At times they eat sparingly, as though they’re fasting for a… more »


Dave Genz’s All Time Top Panfish Tips

by Mark Strand 0

We all benefited when Dave Genz got so hyped about ice fishing over 30 years ago that he gave up… more »


Winter Crappie Forage Tactics

by Gord Pyzer 0

Sometimes it makes sense to match-the-hatch for winter crappie. A fine example is using an artificial bait that mirrors the… more »


Crappies, Barometric Pressure And Weather – North To South

by Matt Straw 0

A gray world closed in around us in the narrow canal. Hills rose up steeply on both sides. The water… more »


Late Summer Panfish Pattern

by Matt Straw 0

In August, panfish patterns are like a crazy quilt. Fishermen can target whatever they want in summer. Why choose summer… more »


Never Fail Panfish Patterns

by Matt Straw 0

Classic fishing patterns can be counted on year-after-year. Classic panfish patterns tend to be defined or augmented by environmental conditions… more »


The Ice Fishing Perch Search

by Matt Straw 0

The screen lights up. Missiles are launched and heading your way. Space Invaders? In that game, missiles rain from the… more »


Ice Fishing Panfish Presentations

by Dan Johnson 0

The old saying “variety is the spice of life” certainly holds true when it comes to hardwater panfish expeditions. Lakes… more »


Tortured Ice Crappies

by Dan Johnson 0

Across the Ice Belt, opportunities for oversized crappies exist within large metropolitan areas. For some anglers, the trick is finding… more »

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