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panfish hooks

Panfish Hooks: Precision Extraction

by Cory Schmidt 0

While bass anglers boast finesse and fine-tuned presentations ad infinitum, legions of panfishers operate on whole other levels of subtle… more »


Jungle Bluegills

by Matt Straw 0

Copper light filters down around dark green shadows, like rain around an umbrella. Saucer-shaped predators prowl under the canopy, plucking… more »


White Bass Beyond the Run

by Ned Kehde 0

Constantine Rafinesque, the renowned French naturalist, found white bass in abundance along the banks of the Ohio River in the… more »


Fishing With Panfish Tubes

by Matt Straw 0

Native Americans had myths about shape shifters that could morph into a crow, a coyote, a man, or anything that… more »

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Tackle for Deep Panfish

by Matt Straw 5

As panfish like crappies and bluegills disperse into summer patterns, some remain shallow. Others use deep weedlines or cruise open… more »


Spider-Rigging Crappies

by John Neporadny Jr 0

After competing in several national crappie tournaments, Tony Edgar realized he needed to make alterations to the front deck of… more »


Getting Ready for Redear

by Steve Quinn 0

Bluegills get more press, but the redear sunfish, commonly called a “shellcracker” in the South, is king of the sunfish… more »


Panfish Reels Yesterday and Today

by Cory Schmidt 0

During the bygone years that consumed my occasionally misspent youth, idle hours often found friends and me slinking our way… more »


Long Rod Options for Panfish

by John Neporadny 0

Myriad pole and long rod options for panfish are available to anglers who prefer to dip and dabble their baits around… more »


Giant Northern Crappies

by Gord Pyzer 0

The “good old days” for many crappie anglers are right now, especially for those living in the northern portion of… more »


Panfish Senses and Triggers

by Doug Stange 0

One concept we have long used to get anglers to consider what they’re doing when they’re fishing a lure or… more »


A Plan for Early Season Perch

by Dennis Foster 0

Early season perch location is dependent on where they’re going to spawn. A few primary patterns are prevalent in most lakes… more »


Water Edge Panfish

by Steve Quinn 0

Electronic breakthroughs have enabled a greater understanding of the world of fish. Color sonars draw bottom contours and mark individual… more »


Panfish Crankbait Tactics

by Dan Johnson 0

Livebait Probably accounts for more panfish than any other presentation. And among artificials, jigs sweetened with softbaits are king. But… more »


Crappie Spawn Slabs

by In-Fisherman 0

Springtime is crappietime. From Florida to Ontario, anglers eagerly await the arrival of the crappie spawn in shallow water. As… more »


Sunfish Spawn Process

by Steve Quinn 0

Understanding biological basics fosters fishing success. That mantra was one of the cornerstones of In-Fisherman philosophy that changed the world… more »


Crappie Sinker Rigs

by John Neporadny Jr 0

Crappies occasionally look at it but rarely bite it. A sinker has no appealing taste, smell, or look to crappies,… more »


How To Catch Crappies In Backwaters

by Jim Gronaw 0

If you’ve never fished the dark, cypress-studded rivers that snake through the southern and eastern coastal regions of the U.S.,… more »


Reading River Panfish

by Matt Straw 0

Walking the shoreline of a frozen river backwater in early spring, you can reach out and grab a chunk of… more »


The Best Panfish Rod And Reel Combos

by Cory Schmidt 0

The right panfish rod and reel is a conduit to the underwater world. Anglers often talk about rod tips, as… more »

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