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10 Top Panfish Hooks

by In-Fisherman 0

Hooks are the unsung heroes of panfish conquests. While slab seekers often credit glitzy gear, high-tech electronics, or their own… more »


Drop Shot For Panfish

by Cory Schmidt 0

If there’s a more impressive fishing -portrait than Hector’s Britto’s 5-pound 13-ounce redear sunfish record, I’d like to see it…. more »

Punchbaiting soft-plastics corrals bulls in the weeds.

Top Panfish Tricks

by Dan Johnson 0

10 guide-tested tricks for catching more sunfish and crappies Although panfish are sometimes considered easy marks, consistently catching the biggest… more »

10 Top Trophy Bluegill Destinations

by Dan Johnson 0

Finding and catching trophy bluegills is a challenge countless panfish fans love to tackle. But tracking down humpy-headed giants with… more »

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Sufix Nanobraid

by Ned Kehde 0

  In April, Dan Quinn of Hudson, Wisconsin, and the Field Promotions Manager for Rapala, told the Finesse News Network… more »

Hotspots for Jumbo Perch

by In-Fisherman 0

Sag-bellied perch topping a pound or two are prized catches. They’re rare in most waters, but you can boost your… more »

5 Killer Moves For Panfish

by Dan Johnson 0

Late Summer Into Fall As summer wanes, panfish opportunity blossoms. From the heart of tangled weedbed jungles to the dark… more »


Soft Swimmers For Slab Panfish

by Dan Johnson 0

North to South, livebait is a favorite among many panfish fans. Yet swimbait-style artificial softbaits are often equally if not… more »

Tasty Bait Bluegills

Tasty Bait Bluegills

by In-Fisherman 0

Steve Quinn and Dan Cravin use Gulp! minnows to catch big bluegills.


Z-Man’s CrusteaZ

by Ned Kehde 0

  Several years ago Z-Man Fishing Products created the CrusteaZ for Australian saltwater anglers who fish for southern black bream…. more »

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