panfish hooksWhile bass anglers boast finesse and fine-tuned presentations ad infinitum, legions of panfishers operate on whole other levels of subtle and small. The dainty specialty panfish hooks we wield work with calculated efficiency, precisely extracting their quarry like a master dentist. Size, shape, bend, barb, gap, and sharpness of panfish hooks really do matter, as does quality of the metal. So does bait selection, of course. Put these together and the result is a pile of fish, giving us grins broader than a 20/0 shark hook. Classics such as an Aberdeen and a minnow, or a baitholder and worm, are steadfast panfish producers. Yet, we’d be remiss not to mention a host of new options—hooks for spinner rigging, multi-bait dropper rigs, float rigging, drop-shotting, and ultra-finessing with soft plastics.

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