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Pike & Muskie Videos


Pike Quick Strike Rigs

by Rob Neumann 0

In-Fisherman first introduced pike quick strike rigs, about 30 years ago, working off the elaborate European designs that were virtually… more »


Fishing From Shore: Muskies

by Matt Straw 0

Carefully keeping brush and leaves between yourself and the stream, you read the water. Any spot where you can’t see… more »


10 Top Pike Hotspots In Saskatchewan

by Dan Johnson 0

In pressured pike waters across the Lower 48, your odds of catching a gator topping 20 pounds are only slightly… more »


In-Fisherman’s Pickled Fish

by Doug Stange 0

The fish we catch and keep to eat remain for most of us a vital part of ice fishing—a reward… more »


Articulated Swimbaits For Pike

by Matt Straw 0

Jack Penny waited all year to return to this spot—a small bay several portages up the Taltson River from Aurora… more »


Critical Factors When Ice Fishing Pike

by Gord Pyzer 0

Most pike waters offer considerable diversity, from the aquatic equivalent of lush rainforests to hostile deserts; yet, unlike our world—where… more »


Factoring Pike at First Ice

by Doug Stange 0

One of my best open-water catches of last season occurred unexpectedly on November 16. I planned to shoot an In-Fisherman… more »


Deep Thinking for Ice Pike

by Steve Ryan 0

  Quick action often prevails in shallow weedy bays at first ice, so much so that chasing flags on the… more »


Hair Fishing Lures for Pike Fishing

by Cory Schmidt 0

If you made a list of the animal kingdom’s agile swimmers, rabbits and turkeys wouldn’t top the charts. But wrap… more »


Big Tube Baits For Pike and Muskie

by Matt Straw 0

The parade for the Super Bowl champion New York Giants was miles long. Nice. But the parade that rattles, flashes,… more »


Lake Map Strategies

by Dan Johnson 0

All the hot new baits and killer tactics in the world aren’t worth much if you can’t find your quarry…. more »


Wading For Monster Pike

by Matt Straw 0

Long rows of rushes marched into the distance in two directions, disappearing in a haze of morning mist and fog… more »


Researching Giant Pike of A Lifetime

by Jack Penny 0

They say that time flies when you’re having fun. Looking back, it’s hard to believe I’ve spent nearly 40 years… more »


Small Lures For Muskies

by Dan Johnson 0

Big baits are a staple of the muskie trade, and for good reason. After all, the mantra “big lure, big… more »


Researching Trophy Muskie Fisheries

by Steve Ryan 0

In this electronic age, eyes and ears are everywhere. Minutes after a noteworthy event occurs, texts, tweets, postings, emails, and… more »


Select Lure Options For Giant Pike

by Doug Stange 0

From Last Mountain Lake, Saskatchewan, to Fort Peck, Montana, to Red Willow, Nebraska and some of the high-country lakes in… more »


Pike Fishing: Float & Fly Pike

by Lonnie King 0

As is customary on many lakes in the North, the first few weeks of open water often find pike congregated… more »


Best Way To Catch Muskie: Cast or Troll?

by Steve Ryan 0

The question of whether to cast or troll for muskies often draws strong opinions. Most anglers have a preference, and… more »


Top 10 Places To Catch Giant Pike

by Rob Neumann 2

A select look at some of the most notable  locations to go giant pike fishing.


The World’s Mightiest Muskie Waters

by Matt Straw 0

Glowing shades of blue like a barracuda sliding toward the boat came a giant muskie. One of those follows you… more »

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