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Pike & Muskie Videos


Buzzbaits For Muskie Situations

by Dan Johnson 0

Talk top tactics with 20 rabid muskie hunters or raise the topic on Esox forums and chances are good that… more »


Sunset Country Multispecies Ice Fishing Magic

by Jeff Gustafson 0

The tremendous ice fishing opportunities that exist in Northwest Ontario’s Sunset Country have been well documented in the pages of… more »


Evan Shoemaker: The Making of an Angler

by Ned Kehde 1

Evan Shoemaker is the Finesse News Network’s newest and youngest member. We recently crossed paths with him in the Northwoods… more »

Steve Ryan with a fish from Green Bay, which gives up a fair share of giant fish to big lures.

Big Muskie Baits: Wretched Excess Or Enlightened Response?

by Steve Ryan 0

Wrapping up a decade of excess, the Dow Jones rocketed to more than 14,000, only to free fall to levels… more »


Sensory Muskies

by Cory Schmidt 0

Imagine if the sounds and vibrations produced by your favorite lure were silent to muskies below the surface? What if vibration… more »


Talkin Pike Spoons

by Jack Penny 1

In the last 38 years of traveling to fish for big pike, I’ve never boarded a boat without a good… more »


Tricks for Topwater Pike Fishing

by Dan Johnson 0

Trophy pike hunters devote ample attention to time-tested programs. Sashaying soft plastics and slender minnowbaits through fast-warming shallows is a… more »


Fly Trolling for Muskies

by Matt Straw 0

A trolled fly stays in the water, providing an almost infinite opportunity to trigger that tank pushing a wake along… more »


Tracking Pike and Muskies

by Dr. Rob Neumann 0

Southern Muskies Kinkaid Lake in southern Illinois experiences mild winters and long, hot summers, comparable to the climate of central… more »


Top Picks for Canadian Shield Pike

by Jeff Gustafson 0

Northwestern Ontario’s Sunset Country Region, north of the Minnesota border, has long been known as a top destination for pike…. more »


Power Fishing Muskie Bucktails

by Steve Ryan 0

Bucktails are the quintessential power fishing lure. Their relative simplicity of design adds to their appeal and effectiveness. A stainless… more »


Giant Pike Waters

by Steve Quinn 0

Over the centuries, big pike have fueled anglers’ dreams, from the legendary monsters prowling Scottish lochs or inhabiting the moats… more »


Picking the Right Muskie Vacation

by Spencer Berman 0

As a full-time charter captain, after speaking with hundreds of clients about their muskie fishing trips, it’s become apparent there’s… more »


Dahlberg’s Fantastic 5 Pike and Muskie Tips

by Cory Schmidt with Larry Dahlberg 0

No doubt Larry Dahlberg rides a different wave, casting to the farthest ends of the piscatorial galaxy. Lure inventor, world… more »


Pike Quick Strike Rigs

by Rob Neumann 0

In-Fisherman first introduced pike quick strike rigs, about 30 years ago, working off the elaborate European designs that were virtually… more »


Fishing From Shore: Muskies

by Matt Straw 2

Carefully keeping brush and leaves between yourself and the stream, you read the water. Any spot where you can’t see… more »


10 Top Pike Hotspots In Saskatchewan

by Dan Johnson 0

In pressured pike waters across the Lower 48, your odds of catching a gator topping 20 pounds are only slightly… more »


In-Fisherman’s Pickled Fish

by Doug Stange 0

The fish we catch and keep to eat remain for most of us a vital part of ice fishing—a reward… more »


Articulated Swimbaits For Pike

by Matt Straw 0

Jack Penny waited all year to return to this spot—a small bay several portages up the Taltson River from Aurora… more »


Critical Factors When Ice Fishing Pike

by Gord Pyzer 0

Most pike waters offer considerable diversity, from the aquatic equivalent of lush rainforests to hostile deserts; yet, unlike our world—where… more »

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