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Pike & Muskie Videos


Quick Strike Rig Pike

by Dan Johnson 1

The heart of quick-strike rigging hinges on two trebles—typically #6 or #4—as smaller hooks yield better hooking rates than larger… more »

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 4.09.16 PM

Solutions for Tough Times Muskies

by Jeff Simpson 0

The In-Fisherman staff combines field observation with science connections as they cast spinner options for giant muskies.

Low Profile Reels

The Low-Down on Low Profile Reels

by Cory Schmidt 0

For me, the highest praise you can give a muskie reel is that when you wind one, you almost forget… more »


Buzzbaits for Muskies

by Dan Johnson 0

Timely, Tested Muskie Buzzbait Strategies Talk top tactics with 20 rabid muskie hunters or raise the topic on Esox forums… more »


Great Lakes Pike Secrets

by Matt Straw 1

Spoons splashed down somewhere in the gloomy pre-dawn of Saginaw Bay. Our minds pictured green torpedoes firing out of the… more »

Pike: Freshwater's Perfect Engine

Pike: Freshwater’s Perfect Engine

by Dr. Rob Neumann 0

Pike are built to eat fish: elongated snout, strong jaws, and a mouth full of gnarly teeth; eyes strategically set… more »


A Good Day for Pike Fishing

by Doug Stange 0

Key Early Season Patterns I’ve said before that I never fish so well as when my target is fish for… more »


Vertical Vibration Muskies

by Cory Schmidt 0

Despite evidence that muskies frequently feed in deeper water, often entering shallow littoral zones primarily to digest meals, most anglers… more »

Power Fishing Muskies

by Spencer Berman 0

When you think of muskie tackle, what do you think of? Twenty years ago, it was all about 9-inch Suicks,… more »

Great Lakes Muskies

by Steve Ryan 0

The Great Lakes boast some of the finest muskie fishing in North America. Green Bay fish are extending their range;… more »

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