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Rigging For
 The Canadian Shield

by Gord Pyzer 0

Am I a lucky guy? You better believe it. Living in the heart of Northwest Ontario’s walleye country, I have… more »

Best Ice Walleye Baits

Best Ice Fishing Walleye Baits . . . Ever

by Cory Schmidt 0

Great lures are often spectacular walleye producers by virtue of a singular talent. The Bay de Noc Lures Do-Jigger. The… more »


Jig Spinners For Walleyes

by Cory Schmidt 0

The allure of jigs adorned with blades extends beyond flash or vibration It’s impossible to discount the value of flash… more »


Walleye Crankbaits

by Steve Ryan 0

As the universe of walleye hardbaits continues to expand, it’s helpful to define the various categories and note when they… more »


Walleye Spinners

by David Harrison 1

Nine pages into the Jann’s Netcraft Catalog and the spinner blade styles and colors keep coming. Over 200 items and… more »

Summer Great Lakes Walleyes

by Steve Ryan 0

Summer walleye fishing on big water often involves using a mixed bag of trolling techniques to maximize water coverage and… more »


Structureless Thinking for Ice Walleyes

by Jeff Samsel 0

Ice walleyes don’t always relate to structure. Even in a lake with hundreds of underwater humps, bumps, and bars, they’ll… more »

Principles of Wind and Walleyes

by In-Fisherman 0

Editor’s Note: This article, written for the June In-Fisherman issue in 1992, is in classic In-Fisherman style, with In-Fisherman Editor… more »

The Tactical Bomb for Walleyes

The Tactical Bomb for Walleyes

by Cory Schmidt 0

“Bombing is bigger than any one season or region” Bombing tactics for walleyes are so good that at times on… more »

Small Water Walleyes

by Steve Ryan 0

Many modern walleye anglers have become proficient at finding walleyes in wide-open spaces. Side-scan sonars, GPS guided trolling motors, and… more »

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