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Walleye Videos


VMC’s Spindrift Hook

by Ned Kehde 0

    VMC’s Spindrift Hook is a nightmare and headache preventer for the Midwest finesse anglers who like to affix… more »


Johnson Fishing’s Crappie Buster Series

by Ned Kehde 0

There are several Midwest finesse anglers and Finesse News Network members, such as Brent Frazee of Parkville, Missouri, who spend… more »


SD Dry Lake Jumbo Perch & Walleye

by Jeff Simpson 0

One of the hottest lakes going for Master Angler yellow perch along with lots of walleyes. Prior to the 1990s,… more »


Shallow Water Walleyes

by Steve Ryan 0

Shallow water walleyes present unique challenges for ice anglers. It’s about walking softly and carrying a stiff stick. These fish… more »


Targeting Big Ice Walleyes

by Cory Schmidt 0

It’s not something fishermen like to talk about. Shrinkage. Cold causes folks to hunker down in their parkas and disappear… more »


Sunset Country Multispecies Ice Fishing Magic

by Jeff Gustafson 0

The tremendous ice fishing opportunities that exist in Northwest Ontario’s Sunset Country have been well documented in the pages of… more »


Fall Walleye Locations

by Dan Johnson 0

In October into November, we typically see light pressure on many A-list fall walleye fisheries, even though some of the… more »


Berkley IronSilk

by Ned Kehde 0

  Pure Fishing recently introduced its newest rendition of Berkley IronSilk monofilament for Midwest finesse anglers and others to wield… more »


Evan Shoemaker: The Making of an Angler

by Ned Kehde 1

Evan Shoemaker is the Finesse News Network’s newest and youngest member. We recently crossed paths with him in the Northwoods… more »


Supersize Walleyes

by Dan Johnson 0

Across the Great Lakes and within many large natural systems and manmade impoundments around the Walleye Belt, summer transitions yield… more »

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Drew Reese’s Midwest finesse walleye tactics

by Ned Kehde 4

  This is Drew Reese’s first Finesse News Network report from Canada.This one focuses on how, when, and where he… more »

Photo Jeff Simpson

Spinnerbait Walleyes

by Steve Quinn 4

    Before his untimely death, Gregg Meyer was a cagey multispecies angler who often used spinnerbaits to catch walleyes…. more »


Berkley’s Flicker Minnow

by Ned Kehde 5

On April 15, Pure Fishing and Kevin Jarnagin of Blue Heron Communications announced to the angling world that Berkley’s Flicker… more »



by Gord Pyzer 1

The Perfect Combination One of the hallmarks of soft-plastic swimbaits is their ability to attract and trigger the biggest fish… more »


Vertical Walleye Swimbaits

by Gord Pyzer 3

You can measure satisfaction many ways. One is guaranteeing to a friend a new way to land scores of 7-… more »


Tricking Out Your Walleye Boat

by Cory Schmidt 0

When Jim Wentworth, proprietor of Central Minnesota’s Legendary Fish Lectronics retired several years ago, the area’s angling community pressed the… more »


Berkley Flicker Shad Pro Series Crankbaits

by Ned Kehde 0

Pure Fishing introduced its new Berkley Flicker Shad Pro Series Crankbaits to the angling world at the Bassmaster Classic in… more »


Vibrating Walleye Lures

by Cory Schmidt 0

Anglers would be amazed if they knew how often walleyes follow their offerings without biting. For every strike, at least… more »


Fishing Walleyes From Shore

by Steve Ryan 0

Pursuing trophy shore walleyes presents a unique set of challenges and rewards. On the one hand, you can’t get to… more »


Walleye Softbaits

by David Harrison 0

Minnows and leeches wiggle, have enticing profiles, flavor, and scent, and inhabit most lakes. Walleye softbaits can’t duplicate these characteristics,… more »

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