Build Your Own Premium Panfish Fishing Rod

Build Your Own Premium Panfish Fishing Rod


Build Your Own Premium Panfish Fishing Rod

Panfish are one of the most fun fishing applications out there, and these new rod kits bring the blanks and performance to enhance the enjoyment of this fishing application.

Popular Rod Blanks Featured in New Panfish Kits

Everyone remembers their first fish and for many of us, it was a panfish.

Whether you grew up catching crappie or spent your childhood fishing for bluegills, breams, or sunfish, remember how much fun you had?

Panfish Rod Kits

Bring back some of your favorite fishing memories by building a panfish rod with the best options in rod blanks, reel seats, grips, and guides.

Check out all the panfish kit options below:

The Best Rod Blanks in Panfish Rod Kits

Panfish are not hard to hook up, but with the right rod, it can be some of the most exciting fishing out there.

Featuring MHX, St. Croix, Phenix, and CRB rod blanks, the panfish kits are expertly designed with top tier rod blanks to give anglers access to unbelievable sensitivity without sacrificing performance.

MHX Panfish Rod Blanks

MHX designs and produces rod blanks that excel in sensitivity, performance, and efficiency.

These rod blanks are made to exceed angler's expectations in specific fishing applications. Since MHX rods are expertly designed, manufactured, and maintained for a superior performance, it's often shocking to see their unbeatable value.

Each MHX panfish rod kit is built around the spinning series of rod blanks, which feature an incredibly sensitive feel, while still balancing a range of forgiving actions with a sturdy backbone.


MHX One-Piece Spinning Rod Blanks:

  • S660-MHX: Length: 5'6", Line: 1-4 lb., Lure1/32-1/8 oz., Action—Moderate, Power—Ultra Light
  • S661-MHX: Length: 5'6", Line: 2-6 lb., Lure:1/32-3/16 oz., Action: Fast, Power: Ultra Light
  • S720-MHX: Length: 6'0", Line:1-4 lb., Lure: 32-1/8 oz., Action: Moderate, Power: Ultra Light
  • S721-MHX: Length: 6'0", Line: 1-4 lb., Lure:1/32-3/16 oz., Action: Moderate Fast, Power: Ultra Light
  • S781-MHX: Length: 6'6", Line: 2-6 lb., Lure:1/32-3/16 oz., Action: Fast, Power: Ultra Light
  • S782-MHX: Length: 6'6", Line: 4-8 lb., Lure:1/16-5/16 oz., Action: Fast, Power: Light
  • S841-MHX:Length: 7'0", Line: 2-6 lb., Lure:1/32-3/16 oz., Action: Fast, Power: Ultra Light
  • S842-MHX:Length: 7'0", Line: 4-8 lb., Lure:1/16-5/16 oz., Action Fast, Power: Light

MHX Two-Piece Spinning Rod Blanks:

  • S661-2-MHX: Length—5'6″, Line—2-6 lb., Lure—1/32-3/16 oz., Action—Fast, Power—Ultra Light
  • S721-2-MHX: Length—6'0″, Line—1-4 lb., Lure—1/32-3/16 oz., Action—Moderate Fast, Power—Ultra Light
  • S781-2-MHX:Length—6'6″, Line—2-6 lb., Lure—1/32-3/16 oz., Action—Fast, Power—Ultra Light
  • S782-2-MHX: Length—6'6″, Line—4-8 lb., Lure—1/16-5/16 oz., Action—Fast, Power—Light
  • S842-2-MHX: Length—7'0″, Line—4-8 lb., Lure—1/16-5/16 oz., Action—Fast, Power—Light
  • S871-2-MHX: Length—7'3″, Line—2-6 lb., Lure—1/32-3/16 oz., Action—Fast, Power— Ultra Light

St. Croix Panfish Rod Blanks

St. Croix is one of America's premiere rod companies and their line of blanks featured in these panfish rod kits bring crisp actions with an attractive gloss-black finish for excellence in both performance and appearance.


St. Croix One-Piece Rod Blanks:

  • 2S46ULM:Length—4'6″, Line—2-6 lb., Lure—1/16-1/4 oz., Action—Moderate, Power—Ultra Light
  • 2S50ULM:Length—5'0″, Line—2-6 lb., Lure—1/16-1/4 oz., Action—Moderate, Power—Ultra Light
  • 2S56LF:Length—5'6″, Line—4-8 lb., Lure—1/16-5/16 oz., Action—Fast, Power—Light
  • 2S60ULF:Length—6'0″, Line—2-6 lb., Lure—1/32-3/16 oz., Action—Fast, Power—Ultra Light
  • 2S60LF:Length—6'0″, Line—4-8 lb., Lure—1/16-5/16 oz., Action—Fast, Power—Light
  • 2S66LF:Length—6'6″, Line—4-8 lb., Lure—1/16-5/16 oz., Action—Fast, Power—Light

St. Croix Two-Piece Rod Blanks:

  • 2S66LF2:Length—6'6″, Line—4-8 lb., Lure—1/16-5/16 oz., Action—Fast, Power—Light
  • 2S70ULF2:Length—7'0″, Line—2-6 lb., Lure—1/32-3/16, Action—Fast, Power—Ultra Light
  • 2S86LM2: Length—8'6″, Line—4-8 lb., Lure—1/16-5/16, Action—Moderate, Power—Light

Phenix Panfish Rod Blanks

Phenix designs custom quality rods for a performance exclusive to the fishing application you prefer.

For instance, the Phenix Mirage ultra-light rod blanks are excellent for panfish applications because they are composed of an advanced Magna Carbon Fiber called Net V.

The Net V gives the Mirage a very soft and forgiving action while maintaining a solid backbone. The thin diameter of the Net V blank permits the Mirage to be extremely light and balanced.


Two-Piece Phenix Rod Blanks

The Mirage series features a 2-piece option that comes apart just above the handle.

This allows for compact storage and travel with the 8'0" rod blank, while still ensuring the performance and feel of a one-piece rod.

  • MF801-2:Length”8'0, Line 1-5 lb., Lure1/32-1/8 oz., Action Moderate, Power Ultra Light

Panfish Reel Seat Options

Depending on the rod blank you select, the panfish rod kits include your choice of reel seat:

Fuji SK2 Reel Seat

The ideal option for minimalist fisherman, Fuji's SK2 Reel Seat brings one of the most sensitive, lightweight, and versatile reel seats on the market.

The skeleton seat construction gives rod builders the ultimate freedom to customize and personalize their handle assembly.


Click the link to learn more about the Fuji's SK2 Seat…

CRB GSRS Reel Seat

Premium quality, CRB's GSRS graphite spinning reel seats feature clean styling, high grade graphite/nylon construction.

Plus, your choice of hood color to match your custom fishing rod!


Select Your Grip Setup

Since custom rod building is all about gearing up the rod with the best components for your fishing performance, the panfish kit's custom grip selections allow you to choose both the material and grip setup you prefer.

Select from popular grip materials, cork or EVA!

Elite Guides in Panfish Rod Kits

These elite grade guides are constructed with diamond polish Zirconium Oxide inserts and the frames feature a thinner profile ring with an ultra-smooth bezel resulting in lighter weight, and superior performance capable of taming the most aggressive braided lines.


The CRB Elite Guides come in either black or silver options.

Start Building Your New Favorite Panfish Rod

Build Your Panfish Fishing Rod Kit

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