Common Rod Building Repairs Made Easy

A crucial part of both custom rod building and fishing, rod repair is the only way to salvage your favorite fishing rod from various damages, while saving money doing it.

Repairing your Custom Fishing Rod

Whether repairing or replacing fishing rod components, such as guides, tip tops, and grips, Mud Hole's offers this Facebook Live to show the industry's leading tips for fixing your favorite fishing rod and preserving its performance.

Replacing the Tip-Top Guide

Broken tip-tops are on of the most common fishing rod failures. Likewise, how to measure and replace the tip-top have become the most frequently asked questions.

The sound of snapping off a tip-top is as memorable as it is heart-breaking. Perhaps the most upsetting, the leading cause of death for tip-tops is actually human error. Often followed with a string of words that would offend anyone's mother, broken tip-tops can devastate a fisherman and an entire fishing trip.

Whether severing the tip-top closing the car door, stepping on the rod, or just reeling in the lure too far, the point is that it happens and you can fix it. If you fall in this category, watch the Facebook Live video below for an exclusive demonstration.

And don't forget, Mud Hole offers an assortment of Tip Top Repair Kits that provide the perfect fix for all rod builders.

Repairing Broken Fishing Rod Guides

Each of these guides is as—if not more—important than the last. Whether it's a double foot, single foot, or trolling guide, all are equally valuable to the overall performance of the fishing rod and without one guide, the remaining rod's performance is severely reduced. Removing and replacing broken guides is not only possible, but when done with the correct technique, it is also rather simple.

A common rod failure in fishing, damaged guides are often the result of being used as a hook keeper, stepped on, or bashed against a hard surface. In some cases, the guide frame will remain intact, but the insert ring will end up cracked, chipped, or missing.

Never continue fishing with an impaired insert ring because it will shred your fishing line and eventually, sever the line completely.

Fixing a Loose Reel Seat

The reel seat is crucial to a custom fishing rod because it secures and sustains the reel. We can all agree catching fish requires a sturdy and steadfast reel, but what happens when if the reel seat fails?

Occasionally due to manufacturer defects and broken glue bonds, a reel seat's mount on the rod blank will loosen and fail to maintain the reel. This rod and reel failure ruins the performance of a custom fishing rod, so repairing that reel seat is the best way to get you back on the water with renewed performance.

Check out the in-depth demo of fixing a loose reel seat on Mud Hole's Facebook Live below!

Restoring Fishing Rod Grips and Blanks

While fishing, custom handle assemblies have the greatest risk of damage. Regardless of material, handles and grips are subject to damage and deterioration from exposure to the environmental elements of fishing as well as repeated use.

Winn Overwraps are a popular and easy solution to restoring grips on all types of custom fishing rods!


Whether sloughing, chipping, or just weathering away, it is important to realize and repair these damaging signs before your handle assembly deteriorates completely. There are many ways to re-grip and adequately fix handle assemblies without ever sacrificing your favorite fishing rod or its dependable performance.

Grab the Winn Rod Handle System

When a custom handle assembly is damaged to the point that it deters the rod's ultimate performance, it is time to replace it. Never lay a rod to rest when there are easy, inexpensive ways to address and repair the deterioration of your handle assembly.

Winn has recently released the Winn Rod Handle System to do just that. Replacing and upgrading your grips with the Winn Rod Handle System is a simple solution to restore your grip's performance.

Since the Winn Handles come pre-sized and assembled, it strategically takes the guesswork out of your grip repair. Not only does this simplify the process, but it also speeds it up so you can get back on the water with your favorite fishing rod.

Whether you are new to rod building or a seasoned craftsman, the Winn Rod Handle System is the perfect way to restore old grips and recapture the high-performance of your custom fishing rod.

In addition to restoring grips, many anglers often experience the crushing defeat of smashing their custom fishing rod's butt end. Most often, the butt end of a blank is crushed by car doors, or misplaced footsteps, but these unfortunate events don't always lead to the rod's death.

Sleeving the butt of a rod blank is the best way to save the rod itself and preserve its previous performance.

Stay tuned to Mud Hole's Facebook Live and get all the unbeatable advice, answers, and rod building demonstrations Mud Hole can offer!

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