KastKing SuperKast9


In a detailed press release on Mar. 21, Eposeidon Outdoor Adventure, Inc. of Garden City, New York, introduced the angling world to the KastKing SuperKast9, which is a nine-strand braided fishing line.

Tom Gahan, who is Eposeidon's and KastKing's Chief Marketing Officer, described it in an email as a state-of-the-art braided fishing line.  He also enumerated its manifold virtues by calling it a "revolutionary design" that features nine strands of MultiTuf PE fibers, which enhance its abrasion resistance and casting distance. It is manufactured by employing a scheme or system that he calls a "reverse spiral winding technology," which prevents gaps from developing, and when a braided line is gap-free, it flows through the rod guides with less friction and drag than anglers endure with other styles of braided line. What's more, Gahan says it is "perfectly round" and has a smooth finishing, and this combination of smoothness and roundness accentuates an angler's ability to tie knots, execute long casts, and more accurate casts. He exclaimed that laboratory tests reveal that KastKing SuperKast9 is extremely abrasion resistant, outperforming other brands of braided lines by a substantial margin.

Because it was created primarily for surf-casting anglers and other salt-water applications, Midwest finesse anglers have overlooked it. But throughout the month of October, we used 20-pound-test KastKing SuperKast9 on one of our Midwest finesse spinning rods and reels. We affixed a five-foot and eight-pound-test fluorocarbon leader with a Seaguar knot to the KastKing SuperKast9.

The diameter of the 20-pound-test KastKing SuperKast9 is 0.18 millimeters or 0.007 inches, which is a smaller diameter than the 10-pound-test braided lines that we used on our other spinning rods and reels. Moreover, it possesses a smaller diameter than our eight-pound-test fluorocarbon leader, which has a diameter of 0.28 millimeters or 0.0112 inches.

To the leader, we affixed either a 1/16-ounce or 1/20-ounce mushroom-style jig. To the jig, we attached either a 2 1/2-inch or a three-inch soft-plastic Midwest finesse bait.

In our many years of employing Midwest finesse tactics, it is the heaviest braided line that we have ever used, and we were surprised and delighted with how well we could execute our casts. And we never endured an air knot. What's more, we were impressed by the way it allowed our Midwest finesse rigs to glide when we employed a swim-glide-and-shake retrieve.

The KastKing SuperKast 9 that we used has what Gahan calls a fresh-grass-green hue, which is easy for us to see from the tip of our rod to where it disappears into the water. And in our eyes as a Midwest finesse angler, the ability to see the line is a significant asset.

We normally work with eight- or 10-pound-test braided line, and the 20-pound-test KastKing SuperKast9 far exceeded our expectations.

KastKing SuperKast9 is available in 20-, 30-, 40-, 50-, 65-, and 80-pound-test strengths on 300-yard or 275- meter spools.  Gahan says that the 30- to 80-pound-test lines are for surf-casters and anglers who probe heavy vegetation. The fresh-grass-green is currently the only hue, but other colors are in the offing, as are other sizes. And some Midwest finesse anglers are hoping that two of the new sizes will include spools of  10- and 15-pound-test SuperKast9.

A 300-yard spool costs $24.98.


(1) Here is the link to website: http://www.eposeidon.com/.

(2) Tom Gahan suggested that anglers use this link for purchasing a spool of SuperKast9: http://amzn.to/2vlhlIV.

(3) This photograph shows the color of the SuperKast9.

SuperKast9 v7


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