Keitech USA's 3.8-inch Sexy Impact

A green-pumpkin Sexy Impact.

Keitech USA says that its 3.8-inch Sexy Impact's "finely tapered tail adds a dimension of finesse to this power fishing bait."

Kei Hayashi of Yamanashi, Japan, and his staff at Keitech didn't design this bait for Midwest finesse applications. Yet, it has caught the eyes of some Midwest finesse anglers who think it would work well when it is affixed to a 1/16-ounce mushroom-style jig, such as Gopher Tackle's Mushroom Head Jig. Midwest finesse anglers will rig it on a Gopher jig with an exposed No. 2 or No. 4 hook. But other finesse anglers, who prefer a hook guard, might opt for Keitech's 1/16-ounce Tungsten Mono Guard Jig Head, which possesses a teardrop design and a No. 2 Katsuichi hook. The folks at Keitech recommend affixing the Sexy Impact Texas-style to a Keitech Tungsten Football Shakey Jig Head, which has a 2/o Daiichi hook.

Anglers can also rig it Texas-style to an extra-wide-gap offset worm hook that is weightless. This same Texas-style motif can be used on a drop-shot rig and a split-shot rig. Furthermore, power anglers can peg a slip sinker adjacent to the eye of the extra-wide-gap offset worm hook, and they can flip, pitch, and punch it into thick aquatic vegetation.

When it is affixed to a jig or rigged weightless, the staff at Keitech says anglers can effortlessly skip it under docks.

Hayashi extols the life-like swimming action of the Sexy Impact, which is augmented by its unique tail. Its torso is endowed with a perfectly centered hook slot, which helps anglers to rig it correctly, and Hayashi notes that it is crucially important that it is rigged properly in order for it to execute its provocative swimming action. The entire torso is encircled by a series of minute rings.

It is laminated with two types of plastic. The top half of the Sexy Impact consist of a composition of light plastic that is devoid of salt. The bottom half is manufactured with what Keitech calls a heavy plastic that is impregnated with salt. According to Keitech, a dual injection process creates an unusual configuration of plastic, color, and salt. This out-of-the-ordinary arrangement of salt, light plastic, and heavy plastic heightens the way the Sexy Impact moves when anglers present it to their quarries.

It is available in the following colors: Ayu, Bluegill Flash, Electric Shad, Green Pumpkin, Sexy Shad, and Silver Flash. It is infused with a potent dose of squid scent.

A package of nine can be purchased for $6.95.


1. Here's a link to a YouTube that features the Sexy Impact:

2. The tiny and finely tapered tail that adorns the Sexy Impact appears on a few other soft-plastic baits, and it looks to be a Japanese phenomenon. On Sept. 15, 2014, we published a gear-guide column that featured Megabass' DOT Crawler, and on May 8, 2014, we published one about Reins Fishing Tackle's Bubbling Shaker. Both were created in Japan, and they have a similar configuration to that of the Sexy Impact. Here are the links to those gear guides:; Vagabond of Japan has a 4 1/2-inch one, which is called Air Bait Slim, and it can be seen at  Some anglers find that these baits to be an alternative to Senko-style baits.

3. For more information about Keitech USA and its Sexy Impact, please see their website at

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