The Versatility Of Fishing With Fuji Reel Seats

The Versatility Of Fishing With Fuji Reel Seats

When it comes to custom rod building, the beauty of each project is literally what you make it. Whether you like to keep it simple or make it highly original, Fuji's Reel Seats place the power of freedom directly in your palms.

Fuji's TVS, PTS, and SK2 Reel Seats are molded to reduce fatigue, induce comfort, and most of all, catch fish. Each of these reel seats are contoured to the positioning of an angler's palm. This contoured concept seamlessly allows angler's hands to slide in place whether amid fighting or landing that next big fish.

Fuji Reel Seats Bring the Best Fit

Although each of Fuji's models bring forth their own specific benefits, each reel seat excels in taking the guess work out of hand placement, adding all-day comfort, and freeing up the handle assembly for additional customization. While designing the TVS, PTS, and SK2 Reel Seats, Fuji kept ergonomics on their list of priorities.

Each of these reel seats quickly yet accurately form to the contours of your hand to make a bond that even the strongest of fish will fail to break. Putting performance, comfort, and style before all else, Fuji's Reel Seats are made of a lightweight yet durable polymer that's guaranteed to please any angler. From their high performance and incredible comfort to their sharp reduction in fisherman's fatigue, these reel seats make all the difference on the water.

Continue reading to find out which Fuji Reel Seat will fit your fishing application.

Fuji's TVS Ergonomic Spinning Reel Seat

Fuji's TVS Spinning Reel Seat model is extremely popular and just grabbing it is all it takes to realize why. Ergonomically engineered with windows to the blank that sit exactly where your thumb and forefinger naturally rest, the TVS incorporates elements of comfort and control few other spinning seats can counter.

In addition to the natural "V" shaped grip for precise comfort and control, Fuji's TVS Reel Seat introduces a special three-channel grooving system within the barrel threads. This ensures that each of the four hood options: Standard, Hidden Thread Sleeve, BACK STOPTM Lock Nut, and Hidden Thread Sleeve & BACK STOPTM Lock Nut, can tighten over the reel foot forming a smooth and secure bond.

Fuji's PTS Low Profile Casting Reel Seat

While the TVS is an exceptional spinning seat, the casting crowd should gravitate towards Fuji's PTS Low Profile Casting Reel Seat. Made of the same durable yet lightweight polymer, the PTS model also houses the unique three-channel grooving along the barrel threads that connects the four possible hood options.

The PTS really shines when it comes to its added casting components. Featuring a small trigger and a wider, flatter base to accommodate the gear box on low profile baitcasters, Fuji's PTS is ideal casting seat that comfortably cradles the palm of your hand.

Select an Insert Tube Material

With windows that open to the blank itself to create the unique "blank touch" design, both Fuji's TVS and PTS Reel Seats require insert tubing to ensure they feel as great as they look. Although insert tubing doesn't eliminate the need for an arbor during installation, the insert does dramatically reduce the size of the arbor as well as the reel seat's direct dependence on it.

Insert tube material can be as creative as you would like. For instance, choices often range between aluminum, acrylic, carbon fiber, wood, and other common materials. But with that said, arguably the best insert tubing option considering appearance and performance, is carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber insert tubing is an excellent choice because it is durable, lightweight, inexpensive, and not to mention, awesome looking.

Sold in radiant colors like red, blue, gold, and silver, as well as a matte black, each carbon fiber insert really pops in the open windows of the TVS and PTS Reel Seats.

If you're looking to capture a sleek all black look, the CFX Carbon Fiber Insert Tubes are an awesome option available exclusively at Mud Hole.

Install the Carbon Insert Tube

Although choosing a carbon fiber color can be challenging, the installation process is simple. All it requires is glue and patience.

Begin by applying glue inside the reel seat. Using the open windows as an access point, lay the glue towards the center of the reel seat. This manner will keep excess glue from spilling out of the open windows as you slide the insert tube in and most importantly, lead to a secure bond.

Then, before the insert tube is completely inside the reel seat, apply some glue to the final exposed inch of the insert to bond the back end. Once this is complete, slide the insert tube all the way into the reel seat and wipe away any excess glue.

With the excess glue removed, leave the reel seat and carbon fiber insert out to dry for a night before installing them onto your rod blank.

Fuji's SK2 Reel Seat: Concept to Construction

The ideal choice for any minimalist angler, Fuji's SK2 is one of the most sensitive, lightweight, and versatile reel seats on the market. From its skeleton seat concept to its infinite options for customization in its construction, Fuji's SK2 Reel Seat gives rod builder's the ultimate freedom to personalize their handle assembly.

One of the many benefits behind custom rod building is the ability to tailor each component to your specific fishing preferences. For instance, Fuji set out to design the SK2 by aiming for a reel seat that could optimize both performance and style while reducing its overall bulk and weight on the rod blank. This concept propelled Fuji to the construction of the SK2 Reel Seat.

Available in spinning or casting combinations, the SK2 fulfills its design purpose by working with the rod blank to increase the angler's casting control and sensitivity in hook setting. One of the most popular skeleton seats in production, Fuji's SK2 brings an organic, lightweight feel to any handle assembly due to weighing 54 percent lighter than other conventional reel seats.

Although Fuji's SK2 is roughly half the weight, it doesn't sacrifice any performance when it comes to harnessing and maintaining the reel foot. In fact, its minimal construction leads to maximum sensitivity and control for anglers. If you're looking to improve your casting, hook setting, or overall fishing ability, the SK2 Reel Seat brings the performance to match.

Custom Upgrades Made for Fuji's SK2 Reel Seat

An added benefit of Fuji's SK2 Reel Seat is the room to incorporate further customization to the handle assembly. Considering its dynamic design, Fuji's SK2 demands grips that supplement its benefits without sacrificing its free feeling.

Two popular grip choices, made exclusively for the SK2's skeleton seat design, are the MHX Winn Grips and the CFX Composite Carbon Fiber Grips. Both are geared to specifically to complement the nonrestrictive style of Fuji's SK2.

Beginning with the MHX Winn Grips, made of a high performance, weatherproof polymer, it's easy to see how this handle combo can be lethal when fighting fish.

Not only are these grips texturized to enhance feeling in all weather conditions, they are also lightweight and contoured for all-day comfort. Bringing the highest performance that the pros can always trust, MHX Winn Grips are the perfect pairing for Fuji's SK2 Reel Seat.

The other option, the CFX Composite Carbon Fiber Grips also bring a lightweight yet tactile performance, but with a less intense design. These grips are fully customizable and in matte black, they look just as good as they perform with the SK2 Reel Seat.

Fuji, who is behind the SK2 design, also developed unique winding checks that complement the skeleton seat structure without bringing on any excess weight.

Available in Graphite Nylon or Metallized Plastic, the WCS Winding Checks look great and work wonders with the SK2 Reel Seat.

Hood Options for Fuji's TVS, PTS, and SK2

The hood functions primarily to maintain the reel seat's grasp of the reel foot, but different hood options bring forth added benefits.

Here's an in-depth look at the four possible hood options that fit Fuji's TVS, PTS, and SK2 Reel Seat:

Standard Hood

The Standard Hood comes equipped with most reel seats and locks into place to protect the rod's connection to the reel. The only downside is that depending on the size of your reel foot, there is often a large portion of unused barrel thread exposed. Nothing more than a minor hassle, this exposed portion can be mended with either a fine-tooth hacksaw or a dremel tool.

Hidden Thread Sleeve

The Hidden Thread Sleeve secures the reel foot to the reel seat, but unlike the standard hood, it incorporates a mount for the foregrip that protects the unused segment of the barrel thread. The extended smooth surface is the perfect port to install your foregrip making it both functional and attractive.


The BACK STOPTM Lock Nut is a double-nut system that features a floating collar housed between each locking nut. This floating collar adds two benefits. First, it allows the reel seat to secure the reel foot without adding too much pressure directly to the foot itself. Second, when either of the locking nuts attempt to loosen while in use, the floating collar will tighten by generating a pushing force onto the locking nuts.

BACK STOPTM Lock Nut & Hidden Thread Sleeve

As the name implies, this combination brings the best of both styles under one hood. Offering an easy mount for the foregrip and the double-nut system with the floating collar, this hood is truly exceptional.

As always, visit Mud Hole for more information and solutions for all those custom rod building needs!

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