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10 Best Crankbaits For Walleye Fishing of All Time

by Dan Johnson   |  June 14th, 2013 3

walleye fishingCrankbaits are undeniably deadly weapons for walleye fishing, and many factors merit careful consideration when selecting the best of the best. For the purposes of this piece, we’ll focus on deep-bodied, lipped baits (as opposed to slender minnowbaits, a story we’ll save for another day). Such designs excel at imitating shad, bluegills, and other stout-profiled prey, but also trigger strikes from ’eyes focused on perch, bullheads, and more svelte baitfish.

While literally dozens of cranks are worthy of scrutiny for the Top 10 list, we wanted to include baits that shine in a variety of applications, so you can match top picks for various presentations.

Paddletails for River Walleyes

Paddletails for River Walleyes

Check out this video: The In-Fisherman staff reveals seasonal tactical secrets, as they fish paddletails for river walleyes.

Along with these recommendations, keep in mind In-Fisherman’s golden rule of crankbait selection as you choose baits for your own personal walleye fishing adventures. Focus on key characteristics, in order of importance. First, get the depth right or everything else is moot. Next, in order, the bait must work at the right speed and retrieve (or trolling) cadence, offer the right action, and exhibit the proper profile and color-pattern combination.



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  • JSimp

    I love crankbaits!

  • mikepodracky

    I would say the Reef Runner 800 series would be the better choice instead of the Reef Runner Rip Shad. Also, should have included the Thunderstick Jr. for sure on any all time top ten.

  • suzy mcalister

    Since you didn’t include minnow imitators to this list, I can’t argue with it much at all…Hot n Tots, Shad Raps, Rip Shads, and the wally diver are all excellent cranks, and I use them all. Rattling fat rap size 4 and 5 as well as the Rebel Humpy and R series should be on the list IMO

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