Big Bite Bait's Shaking Squirrel

A 4 1/2-inch green-pumpkin Shaking Squirrel affixed to a red 1/32-ounce mushroom-style jig.
Big Bite Baits and Jeff Kriet of Ardmore, Oklahoma, introduced the 4 1/2- and six-inch Shaking Squirrel worm to finesse anglers at the 2011 International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades show.

That introduction occurred several months before we began writing and publishing our Midwest Finesse columns, and for some unknown and inexcusable reason, we failed to take note of it, write about it, and publish a gear guide about it.

So to attempt to remedy this failure, here is a description of it with a few words about how Midwest finesse anglers will employ the 4 1/2-inch Shaking Squirrel.

According to a YouTube video on July 27, 2011, Kriet described it as a drop-shot worm. Of course, a drop-shot rig is not part of the repertoire of Midwest finesse anglers. Instead, we will affix it to a mushroom-style jig with an exposed hook, and prefer working with jigs that are as small as 1/32 of an ounce and no larger than 3/32 of an ounce. We also prefer the jig’s hook to be as small as a number six and no bigger than a number two. The folks at Big Bite Baits also note that it can be employed on a variety of finesse rigs.

Our measurements indicate that it is 4 9/16 inches long. Its anterior section, which stretches from its mouth to the beginning of it clitellum or egg sack, is 1 3/8 inches long with a width of a quarter of an inch and a circumference of about fifteen-sixteenths of an inch. Its ventral area is flat, and its epidermis is embossed with a series of minuscule ribs. The dorsal area is convexed, and its epidermis is smooth.

The clitellum or egg sack is five-eighths of an inch long with a width of five-sixteenths of an inch and a circumference of 1 1/16 inches. The shape and epidermis of its ventral and dorsal areas are similar to the features of it anterior section.

The posterior section, which stretches from the backend of the clitellum to the tip of the Shaking Squirrel’s flat tail or anus, is 2 15/16 inches long. The dimensions of the width and circumference of this section diminish as it approaches the junction with its flat tail. It is a quarter of an inch wide with a circumference of fifteen-sixteenths of an inch at it largest spot, which is next to the clitellum. At the junction with its flat tail, it is an eighth of an inch wide with a circumference of about three-eighths of an inch. Its ventral area is flat, and its epidermis is notched with an array of minute ribs. Its dorsal area is convexed, but it becomes flatter as it approaches the junction with its flat tail.

The entire tail is flat and thin. It is somewhat similar to the shape of the blade of a canoe paddle. It is a half of an inch long and three-sixteenths of an inch wide at its widest spot. Its thickness is less than one-sixteenth of an inch.

It is said to be manufactured with a “special soft-plastic formulation.” It is impregnated with a small amount of salt, and it is not buoyant.

It is available in the following colors: Ayu, Bold Gill, Bold Gill Chartreuse, Earthworm, Green Pumpkin, Hologram Shad, Kriet's Magic, Oxblood Red MF, Sunrise, Tilapia Magic, and Watermelon Red Flake.

A package of 12 can be purchased for $3.49 at one Internet retailer. Elsewhere it costs from $4.14 to $4.69.


(1) Here is a link to Big Bite Baits’ website:

(2) When Midwest finesse anglers employ the Shaking Squirrel on a mushroom-style jig, they will present it to their black bass quarries by using the standard six Midwest finesse retrieves or slight variation of those retrieves. Here is a link to a Midwest Finesse column that explains how to execute those retrieves:

(3) Here is a link to a Midwest Finesse gear guide about the four-inch Big Bite Baits’ Kriet Kreature :

(4) In the weeks to come, we hope to publish a gear guide about Big Bite Baits' Squirrel Tail Worm.

(5) Here is a link to a Midwest Finesse gear guide about Big Bite Baits’ The Limit Maker:

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