Creating Rod Building Custom Kits

If you're in the market for a daily craft or a weekend hobby, custom rod building is the best way to improve your fishing equipment, knowledge, and performance. Mud Hole is rod building's #1 resource and with an experienced staff, anglers can get the products and assistance they demand for every fishing need.

Complete Kits Make Custom Rod Building Simple

Custom rod building doesn't take an engineering degree, but it isn't a craft to be cast aside either. Rod builders have the most success building and fishing when they stay patient and organized. This slow and steady pace not only helps rod builders learn more about the craft, but also gain insight into fish and the techniques it takes to catch 'em.

Whether building a custom rod for a certain application or a specific technique, anglers improve their fishing knowledge, performance, and experience after carefully configuring their own custom fishing rods. Mud Hole has mastered the selection process of rod building for interested anglers by introducing and organizing complete, custom rod building kits.

Custom Turnkey Rod Building Kits

Easily understood yet innovative in design, Mud Hole's Custom Turnkey Kits revolutionized the rod building industry and changed the perception of kits in fishing. Simplifying the process while maintaining the custom format, Turnkey Kits allow you to choose each component until the fishing rod is complete, this also includes the supplies with the equipment, so you can start building immediately.

Instead of ordering each component on its own, Turnkey Kits allow you to:

  • Choose a rod blank
  • Select component colors
  • Customize your handle material and grip style

These turnkey rod building kits include all the equipment and resources you need to build your very own custom fishing rod. From the rod blank, to the custom components and building supplies, everything is bundled in one convenient package.

Multi-Option Rod Building Kits

Like Turnkey Kits, these incredible MHX and CRB Multi-Option Kits are completely customizable, so you can configure your custom rod kit as you order it. You can even choose kits based on fishing applications such as freshwater, saltwater, inshore, fly, or even ice fishing.

Speeding up the rod building process, you can now customize your kit by:

  • Choosing your rod blank
  • Deciding on your guide style and color
  • Selecting your handle material and your grip style

Each of these components come sized for your custom rod kit, and they are designed to perform in your desired application. A great way to maximize your fishing performance and experience, Multi-Option Kits are perfect for any angler looking to upgrade his fun and his fishing.

Start-Up Supply & Tool Kits

These Start-Up Supply Kits are great for resources regardless of your rod building experience. For rookie rod builders, these supply kits cut down the learning curve with the exact supplies you need. But for veteran rod builders, you can stock up on resources without worrying about forgetting any individual supplies you need.

From basic rod building supplies to specialized epoxy kits, Start-Up Supply Kits are the perfect place to begin or continue the craft of rod building.

Mud Hole's Start-Up Tool Kits are also the best for both new and experienced rod builders alike. For new rod builders, these assorted tool kits boost your early builds with the right tools required to complete a custom fishing rod. While more experienced builders can stock up on tools with confidence by knowing they ordered it all in one convenient kit.

Whether you are looking for general rod building tools to get started or more particular tool kits for advancing your craft, these Start-Up Tool Kits bring everything you need to master your next custom fishing rod.

Components Kits

Mud Hole also includes many rod building component kits like Guide Set Kits, Rod Repair Kits, Handle Kits, and even Gaff & Gigging Kits. Each of these kits were designed and manufactured to make rod building projects easier for, while still maintaining the diversity of products that make custom rod building unique to you.

Purchasing guides individually can lead to frustrating mistakes, but now many rod builders depend on Mud Hole's wide selection of guide sets to get exactly what they want. From surf, freshwater, saltwater, and fly fishing, to top name brands like American Tackle, Fuji, CRB, and Pacific Bay, these complete Guide Sets keep you organized and confident while building your custom rod.

Virtually every angler winds up missing tip tops, running guides, and even handle components at some point. These mishaps often require immediate attention, and Mud Hole is always here to help. Browse around to shop our vast inventory of Rod Repair Kits because doing your own rod repairs is as easy as it is rewarding.

If you want to build a traditional cork fishing rod, or push the limits of innovation, pre-configured rod handle kits are the perfect purchase. Mud Hole's incredible inventory of Handle Kits feature top name brands such as Fuji, CRB, and Winn, as well as application specific handles designed for surf, freshwater, saltwater, and fly fishing, so you can easily build, fix, and trust your rod handle.

Mud Hole even offers various Rod Building Thread Kits that come with all sorts of styles, colors, and sizes, to provide great value when buying thread in bulk. Whether you need nylon color treated guide wraps, or just decorative threads for trim wraps and accents, there are so many options that you are guaranteed to find the thread kit you need.

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